Do you feel stupid and dumb

I sure do.:thinking::face_with_monocle::cowboy_hat_face::grimacing: I’m either really dumb or really smart. I can’t decipher. The truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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I feel stupid. I’ve said lots of stupid things and done lots of stupid things. I’m surviving but only with help from my dad and SSI.

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Flip that around by saying you’re blessed you don’t have to work. A lot of normies secretly envy us. It’s true! I’m proud of you for coping everyday with one of the most horrendous afflictions known to man. So is your dad or he wouldn’t tell you to keep going.:kissing_heart:

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The only reason I’m still able to keep living with my dad is because he told me I had to be on meds to live with him and they stopped the mental torments that kept making me break all of his stuff.

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Damn your dad must love you a whole lot. My dad would’ve thrown me out if I broke all his stuff.

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My parents are/were very intelligent. They met while they were both working at the Foreign office.My father had a fairly successful career finishing as consul general to Atlanta. His next post was going to be British Ambassador to Gambia. He didn’t like that very much , and had grown fond of Atlanta, so chose early retirement.

My mother stopped working when she had me, and went back to work after she left my father. Settling for a job as an assistant library manager.

Compared to my father,especially, I often feel like an absolute failure. Mix that with not being very good at a lot of practical tasks , and I can feel useless,dumb and worthless at times.


My general knowledge is awful

I’m just not a very inspired person to remember all sorts of things.

I don’t know why.

It might be genetic, my mum and dad are both the same.

Maybe things will change one day and I will be more inspired

It’s so obvious you’re a bonafide genius how can you not see it?

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See my parents are both very very hardworking and genius. I’m neither.

My problem is lacking in interest so it may appear that I am stupid. But it’s just that I can’t maintain an interest in things that usually interest people.


Omg this is like so me aswell @chordy

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What jobs do your parents have? No worries if private

Do you have a little pride and think you’re better than people? Pride comes before the fall remember the pride circle.

My parents might not have the most prestigious jobs but they’ve worked their ass off. They’re blue collar.

I was told the other day on FB that I was ‘Often gifted and occasionally a genius’ . I won’t deny that it massaged my ego and was good to hear,but,ego put to one side, it was an OTT statement.

It is just a question.

I’m not making assumptions

So what’s it like being a genius? Do you feel smart or have an inkling you’re a genius?

We’re a blue collar family 100%.

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What things are you interested in @chordy?

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I have no interest that isn’t painful. I push interest to the point of pain.

I think I’m slightly stupid but I’m also slightly hardworking.

I’m like a Swan. I look calm on top of the surface but my feet paddle fast (adrenaline)