Cymbalta is good for me, in more ways than one

Besides helping with my depression, the Cymbalta is helping me with my chronic back pain. I knew it was indicated for pain as well, but yeah, it has made a big difference.

I noticed it when I went to a concert last Saturday. Normally, standing on a hard floor for hours would cause me a lot of pain, but last Saturday the pain was quite minimal. Nice bonus!!! :smiley:


Good news. :sunny: I’m also envious of your ability to go to long concerts !

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What keeps you from going to concerts? Paranoia?

I hate smell of weed.Always did.

I actually didn’t smell any weed at this concert. There was a lot of drinking going on, though.

I’d just get overwhelmed in about 30 minutes. I get overwhelmed at extended family gatherings even.

But I’ve been to a good few concerts in my life. All before getting diagnosed. So at least I’ve done it. :musical_note:

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What was it,Beethowen? :slightly_smiling_face:


Its about time someone got a pleasant side effect from these meds.

I’m happy you were able to enjoy the concert with less pain.

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I sometimes get really paranoid when I’m in crowds, constantly feeling for my keys, wallet and phone, to be sure no one picked my pocket. It wasn’t as bad at this one, though, since there were probably only about 50-60 people there, very sparse crowd.

@anon70049667 it was a little-known American metal band called Blue Felix. They are so underappreciated; they put on amazing live performances.

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That’s great. I tried cymbalta for my mood and it made it worse and gave me myoclonic jerks. Isn’t it funny how one medication can do so much good for one person and do harm for another.

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Yes,I had listened it this morning,you put it on forum.Great for you and glad for your back.But there’s something to ask.If your back don’t hurt because of med,it means it just blocks pain,not cure it.

Oh I know it doesn’t cure the problem, but I’m happy with the pain being blocked, I’ll settle for that. I’ve had back pain for years. I saw a back specialist, and he referred me to physical therapy, but then I lost my insurance and couldn’t do it. Either way, I’m happy with the results I’m getting from Cymbalta.

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You sound more confident about it.I believe you.

Hey that’s great! Maybe I’ll ask about cymbalta. I have depression and back pain, maybe that will work for me too. I’m going to ask when I see my pdoc next week.

what dose are you on?

I take 60 mg per day, in the morning.

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Have you tried Effexor ER.Is it familiar?Both are SNRI’s

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I took Effexor XR for a while, 150 mg, but it caused me terrible heat intolerance. Anything above 80 F and I would sweat terribly, couldn’t stand it.

Thanks.I’ll ask into that.We have it here.

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I loved cymbalta, it took away a huge portion of my pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and psoriatic arthritis. Problem is I’m allergic. Ended up in the ER with my entire body looking like a lobster. Made me so sad.

My husband takes it for polyneuropathy and polyarthralgia. It helps his mood and pain.