Cutting ties

I am cutting ties with two people I thought were my friends. They clearly are not with there actions.
Grab a cup of coffee or tea, because this is going to be long.
Well to start off these two friend have been trying to get me to go along with their delusions for a while. Used iwould believe them. Honestly I didn’t know any better. And I was still a kid when this was happening. They used my delusions against me and dragged me into form of insanity.
My friends would tell tons of things.
For example.
You have powers.
Your seeing demon and Angel’s.
Your imagery friend is real.
And one friend (ali) would pretend to be possessed by my imagery friend.

My friends told me that my imagery friend was a spirit sent to protect me. My friend Ali (fake name.) Would experience similar things to me as well. She even had an imagery friend as well. She would pressure me into seeing what our spirit friends were doing. And say things like your a physic as well. Further bring me down into my delusions.

Though my other friend Des (fake name) would say things such as “we are going to a magic school in our late teens to early 20s.” Yeah that never happened. So I am really upset they keep saying this garbage almost 10 years later.
Anyway they also say that they have powers as well. Which didn’t help my mental state at all.

The demands for seeing what our imagery friends didn’t stop as well. Ali would call me every night asking me "what they were doing. " and other things as well. We started to see demons and Angel’s as well. And they would attack us. I did feel pain form it. (But I had plenty of hallucinations were I felt pain and touch. It’s still scary don’t get me wrong. I am just tried of peoples bs.)

Ali would come up with a plan to get me and her to experience our imagery friends physically this time. She often want our imagery friends to possess us. Which often times turned Into her pressure me for sexual stuff me or her would do this. Which is rape.
Ali would get made when my imagery friend would supposedly possess her. Which I had no control over. But she demanded time with her imagery friend. Which I didn’t like, because I felt weird when I went into that state.
This is a brief summary of my issues. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
I am just getting this off my chest to help me finally heal form the damage.

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As Neil Young wrote, “You’re still young; that’s your fault. There’s so many things you still have to go through.”

As far as schizophrenia is concerned, mine got better as I aged.

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Whether it’s you or them, to me that doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship

Consider though I have no friends.

However, I am better off with no friends than the ones I had before.

It’s a hard thing to come away from, but it’s not the end of the world.


wait, I thought having an imaginary friend was a Good thing,
or nothing to be concerned about.

are you talking about Seeing this person, hallucinating it?
That could be a problem.
I’m a grown adult, and still have an imaginary friend, Julio.
He’s caught in sex slavery, like me. I’m rooting for him.
I never see him, but feel a strong connection.

Anyway, this you’re having with your friends seems bizarre.
You should have put your foot down right away,
but moving on sounds good.

This happened 10 years ago.

I want to cut ties with my family as well. I do like my mother and sister but conversely I don’t like them because they like my two brothers. I have thoughts of hurting both my sister in law and brother if I don’t cut them out of my life

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How awful! All of it is just awful! I’m so glad you’re ending those relationships. It’s the best and wisest thing you can do

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It’s not healthy. That’s why I am cutting them free. For my well being.

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