My mother and my aunt

I will not see my mother every day in the Christmas holiday.

I asked if we could have dinner together on any day. Mom said she will get together with my aunt everyday during Xmas and therefore, no. I know I’m not invited. My aunt teased me everytime she saw me. They want to make it a point that I’m not welcomed. My mother joins in my aunt. Not long ago, my aunt and my siblings told me at the face that there are people in the city who suicide everyday. She told me to end my life faster. My mother knew it, she said to me it would be acceptable to her if I’m gone. Idk I can’t come up with any ideas other than a suicide.

big big hugs I’m sorry your family if being like this. Sending my love to you :heart:

Oh no! How horrible of them to say that to you! Do you have a friend or someone who you can spend x-mas with? I would end the contact with such stupid ppl at once.

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You chose who you want in your life. Don’t chose destructive ppl. It doesn’t matter if you are related. You don’t say what they said to anyone!

I have no contact with my dad. I feel a lot better with him out of my life.

It’s not you fault your family is stupid. It’s their loss when you cut the contact.

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My boss is considerate and gives me two day offs. Will be alone for a lot of time. I have arranged to visit my friend really late at night on 24/12 though.

I think they all want to cut off with me. But I have no where to go. Pathetic!

Oh my god what a bad family you have goggles :frowning: , I’m so glad that you are able to communicate with us in here, so I can tell you that your family don’t really deserve you, I’m so so sorry for you goggles…no one deserves this treatment, I didn’t know that any family can have such a cruel towards a member of them…I don’t know what to tell you but if you can ignore them then just do it, and Merry Christmas to you sweet goggles.

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I am always so worried for you. I was relieved for you when you mentioned your friend with the baby son. I hope you get to see her a bit this holiday.

May you find beauty away from the family who does this too you.

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hey, i am really sorry you have a family like that.
i am married , but i never see any of my family ever, and my wife avoids her family as well , a once a year thing ( not Christmas ). both families are evil ,nasty buggers.
i am sending you all the best thoughts over Christmas and new year.
take care

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Some peoples hearts aren’t connected to their brains. If they were, they’d never say such things.

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you are not pathetic! just get loads of dvdas that you ;ike and nice food and try and enjoy your own company ive been alone on Christmas before and it wasn’t all that bad.

Yes sure I will see her in Christmas. She is my best companion so far. Yet her family is planning to leave our city and live in Europe in the near future.

@darksith you are lucky to have your wife. It is so much better to have someone besides you.

I wish you everything the best also!

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I am truly sorry for your family situation. Just know there are many people in your shoes and many less fortunate. The Holidays can stir up sad emotions in people like myself sometimes. Hopefully the new Year will bring you more peace.