Cutting down on tea drinking

Been drinking about 25 cups a day for years i think its afding to my anxiety and nerves edgy so im cutting down to under 10


Wow, that’s a lot. Yeah, it can definitely cause anxiety.


I’ve just switched from drinking coffee to tea. I drink the same amount, i.e. 5 to 10 cups a day.


Its beginning to catch up with me because the last 2 or 3 days my nerves are razzled and skins crawling and ive been taking Diazapam to get rid of the feeling but it feels im hot burning. Im not drinking anymore tea, cutting down on cigs and no alcohol. Sigh i don’t know whats wrong with me

Right now im drinking 64 oz tea in the morning and 2 cokes in the evening

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Is that a lot? 1515

64 oz would be like drinking 5 coke cans

You could drink decaf tea.

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25 cups is so much does your doctor know this? anything in a huge amount like this can i imagine be potentially lethal… what kind of tea? i hope its caffiene free. 25 cups at 50 mg each is like 1250 mg of caffiene


Regular tea bags
I get thirsty smoke a lot and i don’t know why its a comfort coping method

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I drink a lot of diet soda I need to cut down too

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