Cursed or not

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Unless you believe that curse makes you put more food in your mouth than your body burns off, well, then maybe it is so…
Have you kept track (written down) every single thing you put in your mouth for a week? Try it…it may surprise you how much, or what foods may be contributing to your weight gain.
How much exercise are you really getting each day?

I know it can be difficult to lose weight once it finds you, like a bad friend that won’t go home, you just have to learn to get more aggressive with it until it decides to leave.

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@csummers you could be right I never thought of it that way or really pay attention to how much food I eat or count calories I just eat more than I should and need no I am not one who regularly exercises every now and then I may walk or ride a stationary bike but I cant seem to stay motivated to keep it up exercising every day there has got to be easier way to lose weight besides doing exercise but if that was the case everyone would be thin if it was that easy but its not is very hard now especially now that I am older your metabolism slows down and you get stuck being fat and I don’t want that. I have settled and accepted the fact that I am fat but don’t want to be have you ever felt trapped or stuck where you don’t ever want to be at well that’s me. I am going to have to make some changes or die because of my weight it can kill you being fat not only leads to other problems but it can be fatal. I need to put this curse thing out of my head once and for all and believe it be something else causing me to be overweight and not being able to lose could be my eating habits sometimes I eat till I am too full I don’t have that hunger switch that most people have telling you to stop eating until you’re about half full and not wait until you’re ready to puke. Alot of times I have eaten past the full stage and I say I shouldn’t of done that and it makes me feel guilty.

when I told my doctor I wanted to lose weight, he said, “walk more and eat food on tiny plates”…

I turn 50 in a couple of months, I’m well aware that the metabolism isn’t my friend. Grrrrrr (hehehe) but yeah, I put on some weight because I don’t exercise as much and I’m eating more, so yeah, I’m in the same boat as you.

Losing weight is a mind-set that all you have to do is get your foot in the door. Once you start losing weight, the results become your motivation to continue. I have this video called “Calenetics” that is non-bouncing exercise, yoga-like, that is deceptively effective. it takes about one hour and puts no pressure on your back, neck, knees or anything else, her 80+ year old mother is right along side them doing modified exercises, so it is safe for everyone.
When I have done it before, after about one week, it starts to make me want to do more, because I look and feel better. Then I almost get obsessed with it and feel bad if I don’t work out. You will see results in 10 sessions…I can vouch for that. When you start to see results, it just motivates you to eat less, so you don’t really have to diet first, it will naturally follow.
It’s just hard for me to get started/motivated. Sad because I know I would be so much happier after I do it. ]
Maybe we ought to make a pact to start some exercise for motivation and post when we lose weight?

I agree I will post if I lose any weight at all so far I haven’t but stayed the same weight for the past 6 months yes the Latuda40mg can cause weight gain but so far it hasn’t affected me that way I haven’t had any side effects other than being extremely dead and tired and worn out not that I haven’t done anything just from being overweight that makes you tired and I am Lazy at times too I need to get moving in order to see weight drop off of me I used to in my 20s lose weight no problem before getting on antipsychotic meds I dropped weight like it was nothing. Now that I am on meds its harder but not impossible to lose just harder. In Fact a few years back I lost close to 30 pounds then gained it all back and more. Made me so mad but will keep posting and I am determined to lose this extra weight I don’t need I wont give up until it does happen.

Sorry to not stay on track, but…

food is so awful, it’s a cruel tease only.

You work hard to produce it, long and hard, grueling really to produce it. It takes much effort to properly prepare, and it takes much effort to learn to cook well.

And the payoff, maybe ten minutes of eating it.

Everything that is good for you is crap to taste, everything that is bad for you is great to taste.

Absolutely meaningless in every way this entire world.