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Sooooo if a child’s parents were to refuse a child the hospital when the child is clearly suicidal and has told the parents that they almost tried to kill themselves again and that suicide has been constantly on their mind. Is that considered neglect? Is it against the law, or is it legal and are they allowed to refuse the child the hospital despite the child asking for it, because the child is worried for their own safety?

Are you able to drive? Can you just go to the ER? The hospital won’t refuse you care. Your parents prolly wouldn’t be too happy about you going behind their back but in this case I would say it’s the right decision to make.

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My feeling is the answer is yes…thats neglect. I am not a lawyer tho. You can go to child protection offices and get help. I dont know where you are living but in Germany the Jugendamt would get involved fir sure…

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@johnny5 no I cannot drive and they have to give consent to send me to inpatient even if I were to call 911.

@Normalone I live in the US so I’m not quite sure how it works here I’ve been trying to do some research.

I’ve seen cases like this and it is neglect… have you ever seen the story of Emily Rose? It’s a true case where the parents chose to go to the church instead of the hospital and they ended up convicted of conspiracy of murder.

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No I haven’t seen that story I’ll look it up.

Don’t watch the movie it’ll trigger you

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Is it a true story?

Tell a teacher or counselor at school of you trust them. They’re mandated reporters. They have to help you.


Yes. It’s a bout a young girl that would have hallucinations and seaggers. It eventually killed her

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@LED I don’t think they can do anything yes they can report that I’m having thoughts and stuff but I still can’t go into the hospital without parent consent unless the state makes them let me go to the hospital.

State laws typically give much leeway to parents and allow them to make medical decisions for their own children unless their decisions endanger the life of a child. Many courts will allow a state child protection agency to make medical decisions for a child if:
The medical community is in agreement about the appropriate course of treatment for the child;
The expected outcome of that treatment is a relatively normal life with a reasonably good quality of life;
The child would die without the treatment; and
The parent is refusing consent for the treatment.

I did find this but I’m not sure if it applies to me.

@Twialine I might look into it but I dunno if the movie is triggering then online content might be triggering too.

I wouldn’t risk it. Just trust me on this one I actually looked it up after watching the movie and found out myself it’s true.