An update on my situation

They will change the injection so it’s every 3 weeks or so… kind of disappointed honestly

They ordered a blood test to find out whats the blood levels of the med.

I’m now on psych hold until Thursday then they’ll decide if I will stay voluntarily or involuntarily (or leave which seems unlikely to me)

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Great. They will take care of you. I wish I had a hospital near my place for all the crises I had

I doubt they will take care of me

Yes they will. Just give it a try

They don’t care they just want overmedicate me

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If they wouldn’t care they wouldn’t give you meds. Just trust for once other people. They are not evil

I try to trust but i dont need medication

I think at this point, it will go in your favour if you choose to stay voluntarily. It will show willingness in your case

Is it a normal hospital or a specific mental health place you’re staying at?

It’s a psych hospital.

I’m gonna stay voluntarily i guess but they maybe won’t let me (last time they didnt let me and just placed me involuntarily cuz i couldn’t leave then)

If you get the option, absolutely offer to stay voluntarily. Maybe bring it up with them before Thursday, it will go on your records that you have been compliant and willing!

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yeah i will bring it up tomorrow i guess when i meet the doc again

@Crystal-Cotton, it looks like this is the thread you have open. Please stick to it.

I think it’s a good idea to have the injection every 3 weeks. Try to be honest about your paranoid thoughts towards your mom etc so they can help you and hopefully make it go away.

Make sure you stay there, it’s far better than being on the streets. Don’t run away or escape. I tried that and I’m not cut out for it, I don’t think you are either. Engage in the help you receive; make all the art, do the therapy, try and get better. Please

Honestly, I feel you guys shouldn’t have suspended Crystal Cotton. She is just 15 years old. Even in actual criminal law, teenagers and kids are treated much differently than adults. Yet you guys keep suspending her. She is breaking the rules, but I feel you guys are too harsh on her. As adults, we should just let it slide.

Being fifteen doesn’t give you the right to be an ass.

She comes on here to troll and start fights.

I’m personally relieved she’s taking a break.

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She is autistic and even doesn’t trust her own parents. Do you people have no sympathy or empathy in you? Oh, I forgot, I am dealing with schizophrenics, who lost all their empathy also because of their illness.

Oops, yes she is. No one had updated on why, so I didn’t know right aaay

Says suspended until Sep 14 on her profile?