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My counselor, Dad, and best friend want me to go to the hospital. I’ve been there 8 times. Still, I am at a different place than I was before. These are my questions.

  1. Will they follow my psychiatrist’s med plan or follow their own?

  2. Will I be out before Christmas?

  3. Can I make myself stop being suicidal so I don’t have to go?

  4. Can I disagree with my counselor and not go?

  5. If I do go, should I celebrate Christmas with my kids now beforehand in case I’m not out in time?

  6. Can I write everyone a letter explaining why I think I’m okay not to go?

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I’ve been to hospital numerous times too. I actually spent christmas in hospital once. If it’s the best place to be the timing doesn’t matter.

I don’t know.

Spending christmas in hospital isn’t bad. Don’t put an artifical time limit on your stay.

Probably not.

Sounds like a bad idea if you’re feeling suicidal.

You could do that. It might take some of the pressure off you to be out in time for christmas.



Actually in the last point you can (atleast in my country) appeal to a board to reverse an involuntary hospitalization. They give you a lawyer and a rights advisor will explain it all to you and answer any questions. The board reviews your case and makes a decision as to whether your doctor was right or wrong in hospitalizing you.

You probably already know this but just incase someone doesnt


This different place you speak of. Is it better or worse?

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Thank you @everhopeful and @anon92887483 for replying.

Better. My friend told me she was more concerned for me than she’s ever been. But I feel like I’m at a better place. I don’t feel suicidal. I just feel like suicide is inevitable.

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Louise, its very difficult for me to understand the pain you must be going through, but there is a way out. Dont give up just keep adjusting your meds and life and youll get closer. Thats the depression speaking. Honestly i felt suicidal a week ago because of the invega i was on. Now i feel great! 100 times better. Talk to your doctor about that med i mentioned to you

Thank you @anon92887483

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