Crystal’s help thread

Well that doesn’t mean you weren’t psychotic

But why people say you cant have insight while psychotic

You can have insight while psychotic, read this:

Some people may have no insight but that isn’t everyone


Did you feel like you were faking it in the

yes a lityle bit

I’m gonna escape whenever I can

Why do you keep saying you will escape? Where would you go?

i dunno maybe my old friend who sells weed

That doesn’t sound like a permanent solution. Will you stay on the run from authorities for the rest of your life?

just for a little while

What will you do once that little while is up?

Maybe end up back there

So what was the point of doing it in the first place?

Just enjoy life for a while

You can still enjoy life once your time in the foster home is up. Why make things worse for yourself now

i just wanna smoke some weed and chill

Weed may not lead you to chill, you could end up psychotic

I know how tempting it is to escape using weed.
I did that for a long time myself.
But my problems grew and grew because I wasn’t dealing with them.
My problems didn’t go away, they followed me.
I kept collecting more problems and needed to escape even further from them.
Eventually the pain grew so much that even drugs wouldn’t help me to escape from it.

I really don’t recommend drugs. They are not as helpful as they seem.

I doubt that, ive never been psychotic

Why do you want to be a drug dealer?