Crystal’s help thread

I’m feeling shitty

I’m sorry. Me too.
This has been a hard year for even folks with no prior problems

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i hate this place :confused:

wish i was 18 already

how to get out asap

i’m not sure you have insight… i think sometimes you do and then you get lost again a bit and so on…

what do you mean?

sometimes i think you do have insight but then you say something and then i’m not so sure anymore… hard to explain. I think you are trying to have insight though.

oh I see. :confused:

how are you doing today?

im bored as always, been doing Algebra 2 on Khan Academy

ah nice, good that you keeping yourself busy =)
you are bored even when doing math?

yeah because I think I know nothing

you can learn huh… they you will know more. But it takes some time to learn and with the APs it’s harder huh… i find it hard to keep myself motivated to do things…

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should I quit APs

no i wouldn’t do that =/

but the meds damage my brain

yea but i think it is better than being fully psychotic…

what is full psychosis like

when you loose all control over everything… it’s like you can’t hold on to the steering wheel anymore…