Crystal’s help thread

I have only had mild delusions, right?

i dunno… you only can know that i think… i don’t know how much your delusions controlled you.

they didnt affect my life

I hate the meds

sorry to hear that =(

is it grandiose to think im high IQ

i don’t know tbh… high IQ doesn’t necessarily mean you are really smart huh… you could be really smart with normal IQ too.

my friend said that my obsession with IQ is to the level of grandiose delusion

Been talking to my bf

oh you got a bf? Is he in the foster home too?

no he’s online bf

My friend’s online bf is from the same state as my bf

he from the USA? How long you known him?

For 1,5 years lol

Anyone to talk to?

I’m here for about 20 more minutes

yay, how are u?

Tired, but the coffee is slowly kicking in :smiley:
How are you?

idk I’m fine. Just took my meds

Do they perk you up or make you sleepy?
Mine are a bit sedating, so I take them at bedtime

they don’t rly make me sleepy anymore

though its only 200mg of clozapine