Crystal’s help thread

i think psychosis made me dumb

It did to me as well.

In school I was able to get 100s in maths and other subjects.

But the time spent Ill severely impacted my confidence. So now, I don’t think I’m dumber necessarily, but I am slow and I do need to try much harder.

Keep at it, it’ll work in the long run because the brain strengthens through electrical patterns that are practiced - you’ll have to be resilient

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yea psychosis made me dumb too =/

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aww im sorry :frowning:

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how are you today @Crystal-Cotton ?

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been doing chemistry lol

hehe nice, i never liked chemistry in school.
Is it hard?

ye its hard for me :frowning:

I’m glad you started this thread, crystal. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s cold outside :frowning:

Here too. Do you like tea or hot cocoa?

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Hot cocoa is good :smiley:


I am currently studying Algebra 2 on Khan academy


Algebra, that’s with the letters right? X and Y and 2B and such?

yeah thats what it is

I think that’s as far as my math knowledge goes. I can solve basic unknown value equations, but I was never good at it.
Last time I had math I was like 16

can u help?

Ah, sorry, I’m afraid that’s beyond my understanding :frowning:

dont worry its ok :confused:

do yall think i have insight?