Crystal’s help thread

I’ll try :smiley:

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Don’t worry what other people think…:no_mouth:

Btw the essay topic you were saying earlier about sectioned in hospital sounds fun. You should do it

I chose abortion as the topic instead because they said its too controversial for me to write about that

Cool… I can understand that, since you’ve just got discharged. It’s traumatic for a lot of people Unless is recovery oriented…

There both seem controversial to me if ya ask me

yeah you’re right.

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How to get rid of the anxiety/paranoia?

I was just thinking of this.

Breathing might help? Like deep controlled breathing.

Music could alleviate it too?

Anything that makes you happier as well. Easier said than done unfortunately

I have tried breathing exercises but it doesn’t help

Yeah, it’s hit and miss. If it does work, it’ll take time for the result to show.

Do you have any activities you can use to distract yourself?

Do you have anybody you can speak to? Family?

Not really other than listening to music

Also I live in a foster home :frowning: sads

Music could help, it’s worth doing.

I’m sorry to hear that. I guess browsing the forum can’t hurt,

What do you do when you’re bored? Because that is probably something that could help you avoid the feeling of anxiety and developing paranoias

I tend to do math but I feel like my math skills have declined

Maths is a good shout. I’m looking at something called the Gordon Growth Model in finance at the moment for a paper I’m writing. Maths is definitely something that occupies your mind and then stops you from ruminating into paranoia!

What is your favourite topic in maths?

I like algebra and calculus


Also, don’t focus on feeling inadequate if that’s what you feel about math ability. It’s is all about getting on with it instead of thinking too much about whether you can do it.

I have to tell myself this regularly because I jinxed myself and fell into the imposter syndrome category whilst younger in regards to maths

Same! Algebra is tidy to me. And calculus is really cool and fun to write out and think about :slight_smile:

i dont really know calculus but its cool lol

Haha, that’s fair enough.

I’d say calculus is all about thinking in rotation. It’s like how things match up between each other as per their movement.

You’re probably brighter than you give yourself credit for. You should practice lots. It can give your brain a healthy work out — which is an up for mental health!