Crystal’s help thread #6

Yeah, I read that you said that she was nice. It seems like you might trust her so that is good.

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yeah she’s more trustworthy than my mom

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When is your court date Crystal? I forget.

7th of October 1515

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Court is making me anxious af

I’m feeling like I don’t belong

@lekkerhondje how are you doing?

i’m doing ok, thanks for asking =) how are you doing @Crystal-Cotton ?

I’m going to court next month :frowning:

sorry to hear that… i knew it was coming up. it will be good to have it done though… then you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

I’m scared of her demands

I don’t have money to pay her

how you gonna pay her then?

I don’t know. We will get financial help I think

Does anyone have any clue how long court trials take?

I’m from the US so I have no idea how long a trial is where you live. Best thing to do is be respectful, apologetic, and hopeful. Hang in there

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Will I have to speak or only my lawyer?

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Will the psychiatrist demand a punishment?

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These are questions for your lawyer Crystal. When can you speak to her next?

Only before the court meeting :frowning:

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