Crystal’s help thread #5

I understand now

People accuse me of being a troll when in reality they dont understand me

Do I just have a wild imagination or psychosis? @Abise

Well I believe psychosis is leaning toward in what and how you interpret your imagination. Delusions can be just your imagination.

I think awareness and having insights for your thoughts and feelings would be very helpful.

Do I have insight?

To me you do.

sure you seem paranoid at times yeah whenever you think your mind is stuck in strange beliefs, talk to your friends or doctor and reassure your self.

Don’t look for cure for sz and psychosis. It’s something we overcome.

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ok although I wish there was a cure

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Yeah… but you can recover


Do i sound psychotic or just anxious?

I have been diagnosed (as related) with an unspecified anxiety disorder and psychotic disorder NOS and my psychiatrist suspects paranoid schizophrenia.

I am currently in a foster home due to anxiety and that possible schizophrenia.
If you question my intelligence, I am just saying that it is at a higher level than my age according to the tests of a psychologist.
Since 11 years old I have had thoughts that my parents were going to / would like to kill me.

Recently (since last summer) I have had thoughts that Freemasons and the Illuminati are leading the world and want to kill us ordinary people. I also think that it means something special that an Illuminati member and I have the same birthday and that the symbol of the University of Helsinki related to Freemasonry etc. and my thoughts on studying there sometime in the future would be related in the way that I am supposed to become a Mason.

My other thoughts are that I get cyanide / poison gas / carbon monoxide poisoning and once even my parents intentionally killing me for carbon monoxide poisoning. Anxiety about this has often grown so great that I have not been able to sleep or be at home. However, I realize that others do not experience things the same way or believe them to be true.

@Bowens does this sound like im psychotic

I had delusions about the Illuminati also

To answer your question though:
Some of the things you believe appear to be delusions. The definition of Psychosis is: “Psychosis is an abnormal condition of the mind that results in difficulties determining what is real and what is not real. Symptoms may include delusions and hallucinations.”
By this definition I would have to say yes. You do have difficulties in determining what is real and not real. But I’m not your doctor. That’s a medical decision. I will say that you are much better now than you were before though…you no longer are afraid of demons and the television doesn’t talk to you as far as I know. Maybe you could just classify this as extreme paranoia and not psychosis…IDK

last time i told them about the thoughts i listed they gave me forced injection… so is it worth telling them?

IDK. If you already taking your medication, I see no reason for a forced injection. You can probably tell them. IDK, it’s your decision Crystal. I would say that if they ask, be honest. It’s probably your best route to recovery.

last time i was in a psych ward so maybe thats why they injected me

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Yeah, the Psych ward is a different story.

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u been to a psych ward ever?

Yes, several times. I had a forced injection once too.

that must suck :confused:

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It’s been like 2.5 years since I have been in one now though. I’m pretty stable on meds.

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Glad to hear that

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