I need suggestions for my brother

So my brother is paranoid and dealing with some persecutory delusions. He’s hearing things through walls and thinks it’s his family talking, but I know he’s hearing them in his head. I was on the phone with him for an hour and a half a week ago and he was telling me what they said as they said it, and it was obviously in his head.

He’s moved in with my stepdad who isn’t the best influence, and my mom finally made it out there but he won’t visit her. He says he has bad experience with hotels, which is where she is staying. He is probably referring to when he went to a hotel last week but still heard the voices, and he claimed the hotel staff thought he was doing drugs and was planning on calling the cops on him, which is nonsense. He checked out without staying the night.

I’m trying to think of any way we might be able to convince him to visit my mom or see a doctor for psychiatric evaluation. He claims he doesn’t want to be put in a straight jacket, and thinks that if he goes in people will label him “crazy.” What he doesn’t seem to understand is that you can avoid the straight jacket by seeing a psychiatrist voluntarily before things get out of hand. If you ignore the problem, a “straight jacket” is a very real possibility down the line. I can’t seem to get through to him and my mom can’t either.

If he avoids my mom the whole time, her visit will have been a total waste of money. She flew out there completely to see him and get him evaluated.

I’d tell him that seeing a pdoc can prevent a straight jacket. Offer to go with him to the appointment. Tell him your experience with getting help

I feel so powerless. I’m afraid he’s gonna end up homeless or in jail if he stops trusting his family and acts the way he’s acting around strangers. You’d think I’d have the knowledge necessary to help, having gone through it myself. He doesn’t seem to see the similarities between our situations.

When I was on the phone with him I urged him to go in and get an antipsychotic prescribed or at least get a diagnosis. I tried to tell him “what do you have to lose.”

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