Stressed and having to deal with crazy people

i noticed lately i keep waking up early i usually sleep like 11 hours from meds but lately ive only been getting 7-8 hours i think because things have been so stressful lately,

i am always checking to see if anyone is outside because one of my siblings recently got diagnosed with sza and they are heavy into drugs and now they are trying to sell drugs too.

after a big crazy situation with police coming because he called them on my mom because he is delusional and on drugs thinking everyone is stealing stuff from him, then him throwing a bunch of stuff from the house outside and threatening my mother with a kitchen knife and than spending a week in a hospital for psychiatric reasond and being told not to come to the house anymore, the first day out of the mental hospital he tried to come into the house (didnt succeed because we had all the locks changed) and had already began using drugs again,

now he is calling my mom all the time saying he wants to get his stuff but we already have arranged for him to get his stuff but only when the police are here to monitor that he is not going to do anything crazy.

this is all too stressful i know i would be able to defend myself if it came down to that but i dont trust him at all he has done too much to mess up my life in the past and it sucks that i feel like i have to always be prepared for something crazy to happen

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i acted the exact same from a drug induced psychosis a few years ago. I hope things balance out for you

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it is hard seeing people like this especially when they dont even want to get help knowing i have had horrible psychosis but have been on meds for over 2 years and how much different my life is now

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