Craving or hallucination?

All of a sudden I can smell smoke and taste tobacco, except that I’m surrounded by non-smokers in a non-smoking suite in a non-smoking building with the windows closed.

I haven’t touched a cigarette in 2 months. Is this just my brain’s way of expressing a craving? Has anyone else quit and gotten random flashbacks like this? Just curious haha

It could be a craving,

Or more likely, you’re actually smelling tobacco.

After I quit smoking I became super sensitive to cigarette smell,

You’re probably just picking up on some slight odor and getting a craving.

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Or like, something that smells similar maybe? Like the neighbours are making toast? Could be

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Maybe someone in the building is cheating and smoking somewhere


So true,

I’ve smoked in plain view of a lot of these:

Image result for no smoking sign

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Hah I bet that’s it too

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It’s probably a craving, could be something else. Just the brains way of tempting you.

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Phantosmia. If you are the only one who is smelling smoke fumes, then this might be a sign of a chronic nasal / sinus infection. Rarely, this could be caused by an adverse effect of a medication, migraine headaches that occur without pain, or even more rarely, a stroke. I would be concerned about your brain and would get an EEG and MRI and a neurological examination.

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Could be a sinus thing! I’ve had that before. Can the thing happen after the infection clears?

I wouldn’t be surprised since a viral infection that injured the olfactory nerve fibers that are present at the top of the inside of the nose.

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