Cramping and sweating with diabetes

I’m still struggling with blood sugars a bit. Have seen a slight improvement since going to doc and upping medications, but am still experiencing cramps upon awaking, mostly in the legs and sweating after eating, when blood sugar is high and at night.

Anybody else with these experiences?

I have to stay at this level of medication until next doc appointment in 4 weeks. In all honesty, I would like a more aggressive increase in medications, but you know how docs like to be cautious.


exercises usually helps to reducing blood sugar.and you should avoid also carb on you diet if you are diabetic

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Yes. My blood sugar is not controlled at the moment. Even with diet its high. I also sweat and get terrible leg cramps.

They are thinking of putting me on insulin.

Sorry your going through that. Im lucky mine is just pregnancy related and will go once the baby is born. It has to be tough having it for life.

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I know that with diabetes one must watch her diet. I don’t have diabetes but have trouble swallowing solids. I am tormented because of my cravings for pizza :pizza:. I wonder if I’ll ever eat it again. I need to go to another doctor for a test and it has been too hot. That and I’m lazy.

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