Cozy cages

I was a ethical vegan for eight months now I eat meat n dairy again.

Today I bought eggs that are from caged chickens.

I care about chickens :rooster: but I have seen some cozy loving great cages.

One farm had chickens in cages but let them out sometimes .

Free chickens with bad energies or caged eggs surrounded by love n care n coziness n security and safety and quality good life.

I have seen disgusting cages and truly hope these cages are a living good home.

I want to try and shop with care but I believe it does not have to be a bad thing…

If you spoke to the chickens what would they go with…

It depends…

I love :two_hearts: chickens alive and cute but also love eating them but I want them to have a good life and good palliative care and deaths.

Thank you for our food and I will pray for the food we eat , including chickens.



I like chicken nuggets. I hope my nuggets came from well-cared for chickens but I bought them at Wal Mart so I doubt it. I wish all animals destined to be killed for food were treated well but I know this isn’t the case. I’m just going to keep eating what I eat and pretend to be ignorant of the conditions my food might have lived under. Except I’ll think about how my bread died…


I worry about ingesting negative energy from chickens raised in overcrowded cages and the eggs they lay. If they’re in distress at the point of death, chemicals such as adrenaline become a concern as well. I can smell chicken treated with hormones when I cook it. Smells like my friend down under, Harry Baltzak.


There is rspca approved chickens but someone exposed their approved chickens on a farm we’re in awful conditions and not at all happy as they said .

Maybe I should stop buying cage eggs.

I still think it depends on the cage and if they have lots of space to move around etc
And good energy in the cage etc
Fed good food etc

My boyfriend and I usually get meat that is on special .
We do not buy rspca approved .
Perhaps we should.

Hopefully my prayers for our food will be answered as such…,


The peanut butter and jelly sandwich I’m having for dinner came from humanely killed peanuts, blueberries, and wheat!

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If I think about eating meat and the fact that it came from a slaughtered animal, I feel like an ■■■■■■■. I don’t mind eating vegetarian, but for some reason I tend to insist on buying bits of meat here and there. I don’t think about it when I do eat most of the time. But when I do, I know it’s pretty much wrong.
I started buying more meat after going nuts buying cheap turkeys over the holidays. I’m just now trying to finish what meat products i have so I can start letting my friend decide what to actually buy. She’s vegetarian and hates processed foods, so it just better for the both of us.
I wish I could just give meat up, but I’m just a wishy-washy dork when it comes to making that decision.
I felt I should add that I don’t care what someone else chooses to eat, I think that’s up the each individual. I try not to judge others on that one.

Not eating meat ruins body and soul as its over eating, I care for their quality of life too,

I don’t eat animal things anymore. And so far it feels really good.


I love eating meat its so nice.

I wonder about the energies of the meat too. But one things that’s always kept me eating it is that it can be very grounding. Apparently people can become sensitive on only plant based diets.

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I’ve been a vegan for 6 years and it feels great. lately I eat eggs again. I might stop that.

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Seems like we have a lot of vegans on this site.

My parents are recently vegans.

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eating vegan is probably costly in order to do it correctly…my dinner costs $1.85 in a can of chunky soup gumbo or jambalaya. it is filled with meats…cheapest way I know to eat gumbo all the time…sadly it is very popular at the walmart I go to so there aren’t hardly enough when I buy them…I clean them out every time…I am not ashamed of eating meat. it’s a fact of life…slaughter houses take all the work out of what farmers used to do to kill a cow for food…


Yes you should.

They don’t.


Transform energy to something good and great for animals and food we are eating and ourselves…

Make it something positive…

Could be doable.

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