To eat animal products or not. I'm still not sure

I will def give it a go for a few months to get my weight down faster etc but here’s some further stuff to consider for life long veganism


The Subject of Filling The Belly With Innocent Dead Creatures, Used For Only The Purpose to Fill in The Lives And Void of The Meaningless isn’t About “nutrition”…,

It’s About Freeing The Innocent From Farms Designed to Murder…,


WTH (???)… . …

my main concern with veganism is indeed my health. im not built to care for an animal more than myself…wth :grimacing:
if I help animals out from being killed for food that is even better though. :grimacing:

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Veganism is just creating unnecessary restrictions for yourself and anyone who’s going to eat with you.
The weight loss comes from malnutrition and less fast-food, when it comes to veganism.

Eat less processed foods and more vegetables.



im not built to save animals from death at the expense of my own health.

It is sad but true


yes this is something Im trying to figure out right now.

doing veganism for 4 months is hopefully ok but im not sure about life long

When i would be born into a vegan diet I think i would have a different view. I grew up eating meat. Personnel I would shoot an innocent juicy creature like lamp,pork,beef,kanguruh to eat it.

I’m a vegetarian now but mainly because i cant eat anything with a face without guilt. Have been for 8 years now. But at first I was vegan, for 2 years, until I did some research and found lots of animal products arent unethical (if sourced correctly that is). Like wool, eggs, honey. Those are the big 3 that keep me from going vegan again.

I just sent this to my daughter who is vegan. I hope she reads it


It is Much Better Than The Alternative…,

Life And Death is Nothing to Toy With…,

When I Ended Up in a Coma,

My Own Fault, I’m The First to Admit…,

At Least Technically…,

But I Wanted to Have a Conversation With Someone…,

I Remember None of The Time Spent Being Comatose…,

Not a Single Sliver of Any Moment Underneath…,

But There Was a Conversation, Which I Discover, a Reminder Everytime The Moments of Deja-vu Arrive…,

It’s Like Someone is Saying,

‘You’ve Been Here Before’…,

It’s Easy to look Around And Wonder,


Point is,

Animals Are Very Innocent Creatures…,

Now, Yes, Nature, The Wild, The Pyramid of The Wild Structure of Life And Death, In Say, a Forest, Is Heartbreakingly Fierce…,

Not to Mention The Wild Things That Happen Even in The Suburbs…,

But There is Something Wrong With The Picture of Humans Thinking it is O.k. To Raise Members of The Wild to Fill Empty Bellies…,

For Those Who never Even Thought For ONCE, That These Creatures on Your Plate Actually Had Families…,

Strange Thought I Know…,

How Dare I, I Know…,

Do What You Want Kid’s…,

But The Next Time You pet Your Animal Friend, Be it Pup or Kit, Ask Yourself, ‘Why Are WE as Humans, Feeding Them Meat’?.

Have You Ever Wondered About Them Eating The Food We Feed Them The Way They Do, Isn’t Actually Out of Hunger…,

That it’s Something Much Colder…,

Odd I Know…,

It Must Be My Mental “illness”…,

But I’m Sure You Guys And Gals Can Relate… . …

Yea I don’t feel absolutely amazing about it especially when I see documentaries. I just don’t have a choice though that’s the thing. It feels like a necessity. (though I’m not even hundred percent sure but I do it as a just in case of some kind,) hopefully being an animal eater is beneficial as oppose to detrimental to my health.

Are you a vegan?

I plan to enjoy my ribeye steak tonight.


I saw that they’re selling vegan protein powder in Walmart. Hemp oil too. Sometimes I think that plant protein breaks down and goes to your muscles quicker than animal protein. Maybe not. You can make up the amino acid deficiencies in plant protein by mixing different types of plant proteins - beans and rice, beans and corn, and so on.

Thus is Where it Gets Confusing…,

If One Decides to Stop Eating Meat, Because it’s Death That They Are Consuming, Then Cool. Life is Saved…,

So Now Go to Vegetables…,

But, Is That Life Also (???)…,

Or is it Natures Plastic Lego’s (???)…,

Every Doctor I’ve Ever Talked to, Screams, PROTEIN!. PROTEIN!.

But I Don’t Talk in Graphs And Charts…,

So, WTH (???)…,

I Thought Once, What About Drinks?.

Not Alcohol But Soda…,

Live off of Soda, Calories Right (???)…,

And The Occasional Vegetable For a Different Type of Protein…,

So I Dunno,

When I Get Situated in My Apartment I’ll Figure it Out.

Safely… . …

I put on eight kg when I became vegan.

I am vegan for the animals and environment.

Some people lose weight as vegans and some gain weight.

I gained weight as a vegan but I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been.

I take vegan supplements .

Animals suffer terribly and I care about that.
It’s also bad for the environment.

Watch dominion and conspiracy.

If your only reason is weight loss then I’m sorry about that.

Maybe you will change after seeing those documentaries.

Being a vegan is great.
I recommend a vegan diet but remember b12 supplements.

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That’s so true and soya is even a complete protein I think?

Just I’m worried there might be something in animal food that just is not in plant food that we need more of eg creatine perhaps?? Or something else maybe idk though

Not conspiracy but cowspiracy and dominion.

It’s not good for the environment or the animals or us.

Terrible harm is done.

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I am planning to only eat organic wen I go back to animal food in 4.5 months. I hope that makes some sort of difference :pensive:.
I mean I’m still researching it I might still continue being vegan after 4.5 months but I am doubting it at this point.

Thank you for the recommendation of documentary but idk if I should watch it since I will only eat organic if anything?

BTW which supplements do you take?

I think it is regarded as complete protein, but I think body builders look down on it as a poor quality complete protein.

It does make a difference. Organic farming is much less efficient, thus much less sustainable for the planet. Takes more land and resources for a smaller crop.

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