Court date almost went bad today

I was the 29th person to get called up to the judge.(traffic probate court) there where like 150 people in there and my mind got ahead of me. I started to feel trapped and was fighting with my most intrusive delusion that “they” are going to capture me and throw away the key. All I could see where badges everywhere and my pulse was pinned at 125 and I was sweating. Two hours of pure terror. For a traffic violation. I’m exhausted. I hope someday medication and therapy will help me not be like that. I’m so disappointed with myself. Although I think my current meds are helping me, at least I didn’t give in and run off. That’s all. I just had to say that somewhere. Writing it out where others can see helps me know I didn’t just make it all up witch is my other intrusive delusion.


Glad to hear you survived it!


When I was 16 I was in juvi court bc I stupidly went through a school bus stop arm. I was so nervous.


Yeah! Good job! I know how hard it is not to run and you stayed and got through it! Amazing!!! Great job!!!


I dont drive but I got a ticket once for riding my bicycle on the pavement. I did not know that was a rule.


Glad you made it though it. I know it’s painful.

My appointment was at 2 today I checked in early and within 15 minutes there were 30ppl there to see my Dr. I got nervous I couldn’t stop sweating, shaking, and re situating myself so as to not appear nervous when all I wanted to do was stand up and scream.

While not the situation you were in with all the badges around (been in that one too) a tough situation none the less.