Court today

I’m so anxious I could curl up in a little ball and stay that way all day. I have to go to court over child support. I don’t like public speaking. I’ll have to be brave to ask the judge for an increase in the court ordered arrears payment. I’m sick to my stomach. I wish the state would speak for me.


You will be just fine @leafy.
Try to relax and be yourself.
I know it’s easier said than done but everything will be ok.

Good luck - You have this.


thank you @Wave you always know just what to say. I went ahead and took Ativan because I knew I was in way over my head with going to court.

You know I just got a phone call from my son’s dad asking me to represent his interests in court. He wants me to ask the judge to leave the support order at the lower amount while he’s trying to find higher paying employment. Doesn’t that seem kinda nervy of him? By the way he’s not paying what he’s supposed to pay anyway.


Think of Empowerment and tackling any challenge that comes your way. Have a Positive attitude that you can do anything your mind let’s you. Believe in yourself! You Can Do it!


Good luck today, @leafy. You’ve got this.


I believe in you @leafy! You can stand up for yourself and do what needs to be done!

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court went our way because my sons dad didn’t show up. I barely had to speak. I’m so happy that’s over. Thanks for the support @ninjastar @LED @Briteeyez @Wave


Glad it went well. Thank goodness that’s over with


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