Tomorrow is insane

Life is wild. My schedule tomorrow is too crazy.

  1. Hour long meeting with mental health worker
  2. Zip to pharmacy to get list of meds
  3. More cognitive testing for 3 to 4 hours
  4. Supper with my cousins

I may have to cancel the cousin supper.


Tomorrow I have my day program for 4 hours then the local NAMI group in the evening. Somewhere in there I need to contact my Pre-trial Enforcement office, take my dog to the dog park, and call my public defender. I’m looking forward to being around the people in my day program cuz weekends are hard for me since the only thing I have is church for one hour.

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See how you go! Those tests can be draining. I did some voluntarily for a research bank and it was torture. Mind you they paid me to cover my transport and parking costs so it wasn’t all bad.

Cousins catch up sounds good. Hope you can get there!

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Thank you! I’m sure I’ll survive

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I wish I had a full week of nothing but no such luck

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