Oh joyous day!


Hello friends! I am filled with joy today!

I just came back from a court hearing, and it went so well! I am so pleased to have such a great lawyer that asked all the right questions and stood up for me. The psychiatrist testifying argued that I should be admitted into the hospital and be forced regular injections. However, the judge did not admit me to the hospital and didn’t put me on injectables! My case manager stood up for me too and when the persecutor asked her what were the differences in my behavior when with and without the meds, she said that when she saw me without the meds, it was the best she’s ever seen me, and my lawyer made her repeat that again so the judge would hear it twice! Then the judge even asked me questions, which has never happened to me before, usually you don’t get to speak for yourself. But when I answered his questions he gave me a compliment and said I was very well articulated. He said that I reminded him of himself, because when the doctors prescribed him meds, he was skeptical and didn’t want to take them. He said he eventually realized that the doctors knew more than him, and he started to take the meds. So he re-newed my court order for a year, but without a hospital stay and without those horrible injections! I consider this a win!

Thanks for reading, and letting me share, Have a great day everyone and take care!


Well I’m happy that your happy!


:scream: So will you eventually realize the importance of med a year later?


If I think I need one, but until then, I guess not.

Take care!