Coupon Apps

Do you use any coupons when shopping?
Do you have any apps on your phone that you recommend?

It is amazing how much money one can save!

I download 8 apps and searched in. Almost all the stores I shop at have up to 25% discount + free shipping?! Lots of coupon codes!

It is so fun!

  • I got an app called Caddle which lets you scan receipts and it gives cash back on promoted products (grocery)
    Then at the end of the month or a quarter, you can withdraw the money to your PayPal or an mailed cheque I think.

I am willing to try this when I buy groceries next time.


I have before to go to Mimi’s Cafe. An Americanized French new Orleans style restaurant. Had a buy one get one free entree coupon and my dad still made me pay for my plate instead of going halfers on half lol.

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yeah I pay for my dad too. It is out of the question!

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Schools were selling coupon books here to raise funds, i ordered one but have not received it yet

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I don’t use coupons, but I probably should. Save some of those dollars! :moneybag: