Coupons are a gimic

just an incentive to get you to buy more stuff,
and always the name brand, highest price.

I think the Casey’s rewards will be alright.
I’ll earn 10 points for every dollar I spend,
and can redeem after 250 points.

I’ll buy gas, and our smokes, and Phil’s beer there,
see what it adds up to sometime next month.
Gas went up a little bit here.
And smokes are still getting taxed twice.

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yes I here you its a way to up the price. with you thinking it isn’t.

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I am glad that we don’t have to have them to buy the old days were things ware hard to get.

marketing…………a way of playing games on people, if you can come up with a new way to do it and patent it you well make money daze.

also, people have to be willing to try something new offered.

I’m pretty picky about my Gain laundry detergent.

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I have a reaction to tide and some others. know what you mean.

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when Pizza Hut started making mac-n-cheese pizza,

I kind of thoughts that was for the kids. They’ve done about everything with pizza.

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