Does anyone else do extreme couponing?

It’s fun to subscribe to the krazy coupon lady. Just wondering? I now alot of us our on the poor side it can help. I dont pay much for toiletries anymore.


I guess nobody does this?

I probably should. How much to time and effort? How much do you save a month?

I use to watch the sales and coupons. Not an extreme couponer by any means but I use them whenever possible. My record is $37 in coupons on one warehouse trip.


I would love to know how to!!!

I always search for coupons online before purchasing something but i’d love to save more for sure!

Subscribe to the krazy coupon lady. She will send you emails on the deal and show you how.

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Im not sure how much i save but i get toiletries for cheap. Maybe a half hour a month.

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Years ago my wife and I used to cut out coupons from newspapers and magazines.