Couldn't handle rehab

It was too much for me…I had to leave. I think part of it was the Prozac. I am pretty sure I just about had a depressive episode, and they thought I was withdrawing from drugs which complicated things further. So I didn’t have as much a drug problem as I thought. So I’m wondering if I should keep taking 20mgs of Prozac in the morning, because its making me lose weight or if I should stop taking it or what. I can’t tell if its helping or not or if its going to make me more prone to manic episodes I’m ready to give up on it all. So frustrated that I can’t explain how difficult it is to have schizophrenia and depression/or lack of motivation. Lack of emotions. Not really “depression” not really anything, just confusing to me. If I hadn’t been on Prozac I may have not freaked out and got emotional in rehab. But it still wasn’t right for me. The depression came because I hadn’t slept, and it came on suddenly. But it didn’t go away until I took the Abilify. My parents keep saying take the Prozac because I guess they liked the manic me. It definitely made me feel great on the first day, but then I was in rehab I was hallucinating, seeing trails in the shadows from my hands when I waved them, and voices, and paranoia. I also had suicidal ideation the second day I took it bu that seemed to go away. The depression is too severe. The only reason I want to keep taking Prozac is that its helping me lose weight and regulating my appetite.


Maybe this will go away. I’m just trying to decide if I should take it tomm morning or not.

I’m sure you’ll find the right answer

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I’m really glad I didn’t stay in there…I think it would’ve made me worse.

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Yea I know the feeling. Honestly the times I was in the hospital were the worse times of my life. Glad you were able to leave when you needed to.

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What were you in rehab for?

At first I had low tolerance for getting the help I need. As time goes on I can deal with treatment rehab/hospital better. Although still wanna avoid those places by staying well, if I ever did go on that off-path again I’d be more prepared than the time before id hope :crossed_fingers:

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The hospitals helped me start the right medication and while there I had reduced anxiety.

I’m sorry your having issues with the anti-depressants, like Prozac.
I think I heard Prozac has been used in anxiety as well.

Sometimes the fact that most mental hospitals ask if “your a danger to your self”, or “your a danger to others”, really drove home the point that their for serious situations.

I can understand how your depression may look like a drug problem.
The lack of emotion and other symptoms seem like withdrawal oriented and may seem like withdrawal itself.

I hope with time and medication you feel better.

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welcome to the forum @Ares


Welcome to the forum @Ares !

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What were you getting rehab for? Can you quit without rehab?

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It’s not necessarily that I can quit without rehab, but I think it’ll be less stressful doing it from home.

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Thanks @Ares and welcome to the forum!! I’m doing better now I just have to keep up with a routine.

Well, good luck :slight_smile:

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