Could you live without coffee?

I need my coffee every morning. I’m addicted.


I like coffee, but rarely drink it.

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I could live without it.

Coffee isnt that amazing for me!!

I could probably do without it. im down to 1 cup of coffee in the morning 6 days of the week. on sundays I have 2-3 cups. sometimes if I drink it black on an empty stomach I will throw up. didn’t start drinking coffee til I was 26 and was probably better off without it.

No way Jose. Or should it be Nescafe.

I have all but quit. One cup on sunday morn. But we are discussing bringing our pot back up to use every day. Its helpful but jittery. I don’t need the jitters but am fine. Some people find it to be a real motivator. But it just takes more and more.

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I stopped coffee when it made my voices worse.

Recently though, Amyloban 3399 has muted the voices, so I tested my condition with more coffee, and it didn’t worsen voices this time! So I am back on the Joe.

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I just have one cup a day of decaf, sometimes more.

I really like the taste of coffee, just dont like the effects.

I rather not :slightly_smiling_face:

I love and adore my coffee.

I had a couple of weeks of craving coffee because the coffees I were drinking were not satisfying me because I used another milk which didn’t work so well with the coffee but yesterday I had a amazing coffee that “fixed me up”.

A woman I admire does not drink coffee and says it causes rectal cancer but I don’t agree with her on all matters :open_mouth:.
In her book she asks the reader to give up coffee but I’m just not willing to do that at this point in time.

Love :two_hearts: :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:coffee!

No I already had 2 cups this morning. I feel hungover kinda from taking GABA last night for anxiety. Coffee helps. I only took 160mg GABA but I’m on the fence about taking it at all now, it was like I was drunk, and I don’t really care for that feeling anymore. So definitely probably won’t get anymore.

I just need more coffee. :coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee::coffee:

that’s a load of crap about it causing cancer…coffee helps the body in many ways it’s been proven but I’m not one to post scientific results…maybe someone who reads this will…I repeat coffee is good for you.


I’m drinking it right now

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I’ve read that coffee prevents cancers.

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I gave up for a year. Didn’t really notice any differences to health although was a bit more tired. I’m back on the beans. You’ve got to have some joys in life and a coffee to start the day and fight off that med sedation is a good thing in my book!


I’d find it very hard to do without it.

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I was tired of the milk spoiling all the time, so I am now using French Vanilla Coffee Mate powdered cream substitute in my coffee.
It sweetens the coffee but it’s also very unhealthy.

Tastes great though!


I always use whole milk.

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I prefer using whole milk too but for some reason the milk has been spoiling before the expiration date has arrived.
This has been happening a lot so I decided to use the Coffee Mate.

I could live without it, but I like the taste of it and the feeling from the caffeine. There was a time when I would drink up to 2 pots a day. But now 2 cups seems to be enough.

I usually just have 2 or 3 cups a day now.