How much do you love coffee?

I can not live without it, I have Mocha coffee kettle and I work as a Barista, so coffee is vital in my life. How about you?

I don’t like it and wish I did not need it. I actually had quit drinking caffeine because it is bad both for my heart w the meds I am on and bad for my bladder but having a 7 am shift an hour away that I need to wake up at 4 am every day for changed that.

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I adore it. I drink 12 cups of black decaf coffee every day.

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I like coffee but I just found out this morning that caffeine can interact with the beta blocker medication I’m taking.
Coffee can make the medication less effective so this will increase my blood pressure.
I’m not about to give up coffee.

Oh well.

I love coffee so much that it’s basically my lifeblood at this point.


I love coffee also as I am in many benzos it wakes me up

i love coffee but ppl say it causes heart problems so i dont drink it.

i drink tea.

I love Nescafe Gold Espresso with lots of whole milk powder (thick!) and sugar :yum:


How I love thee

Drink you in the morning

You give me zoomies


You know what I mean

Makes my pupils dilate

Feels like a dream


I love coffee but too concerned about my high blood pressure and fast heart rate.
Going to switch to decaf from now on.

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I love C O F F E E ! I don’t know what I would do without it. That being said I don’t have very much of it. I usually stick to one or two cups. But I do so enjoy it. I do however rely heavily upon it as medication for headaches and will drink it anytime of the day as a headache remedy. So I will have it at 3am if need be for a headache and go back to sleep. If I can.

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Coffee with some sugar…the crystal so damn rocky
Won’t knock you out though like balboa, it’ll just make u think of goals so lofty
The drink of success
I think of a better quest
Than to find the best
The Colombian mountain green?
Or the lovely fountain of grains which I won’t wean
It did me better than Zoloft
Coffee…or caffeine
Saucy and I’m lookin lean
No one in my tax bracket
Because I’m actually
Feeling good from coffee
So Drop the
Cream, half and half
I won’t dream, I’m more likely to laugh
And the morning banter
The rain is pouring but I’m still a ranter
In these drops
I take a cigarette , what a mix, and I cough
I’m a killer you bet when I put the brewing machine pot on lock
For the morning. But Why am I a killer?
Because the coffees brewing
And it makes me do things
Like add French vanilla
And that stuffs lethal *****************


I have two cups of coffee each morning.

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I live off coffee and smokes.

When people were panicking over buying toilet paper at the start of this pandemic, I was stocking up on milk and coffee!

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Maybe I’ll just have one cup of regular coffee first thing in the morning and the rest decaf.

I love coffee, I have at least three cups a day :coffee::coffee::coffee:

It’s my stress release drink. I can’t live without coffee breaks! I look forward to them every day :blush:

I have those Nescafe or supermarket’s own flavoured sachets with some cafetière coffee every now and then . I don’t dislike tea, but prefer coffee much more. I prefer coffee that’s strength 2-3 .

I love coffee… taking a break though.

I don’t like coffee so much. I drink only a cup of instant coffee with milk in the morning.

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