Couch Gravity

I feel like I have couch paralysis.

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I was a cannibal because I am a couch potato eating potato chips. :joy:


Been unable to tackle things due to anxiety and voices and depression, so just getting help by reading people’s ideas. But I feel bad that I have been on the couch for about 6 hours. Guess I will go to bed. Thanks to all who share their stories and thoughts. Kept me going today.

We’re all entitled to a down day…

be patient with yourself.

Hope your energy comes back soon.

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Just anxiety and depression are enough to keep me from doing anything. I’m really struggling with it right now. I decided to take like half a week off to see family and relatives, but even when I’m not doing that, I’m falling behind in my school work. the medicine gets rid of the voices, but when I was taking a different class I had to drop it because I started hearing voices again even at 20mg of abilify. The voices ruin everything. I can’t function if I hear voices.

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My psychiatrist says stress makes voices worse even though I am on medication. So terrible to be working towards a goal, like schoolwork or a job and then the illness hits and you find yourself on the couch.

But one thing that helps is to find one small thing to be grateful for and focus on that, and then made myself get off the couch and step outside and feel the sunshine. But I know that is real hard to do with depression. Have to take that first small step towards the light so to speak. And if you can’t see any light, then this forum has alot of people whose words can light a path for you.


I’m very sedentary in my life. I figure it does no one any harm.

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Nice name to the thread , Do you have a Jupiter sized couch … I like it…

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Thanks I do have one heckuva couch. Very hard to escape its orbit. :rocket:

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Yeah i think that the stress makes it worse. It is terrible to be working towards something and end up on the couch. I have things to be grateful for, but I have trouble feeling it.