Depression caused by negative voices

I have been dealing with being Schizophrenic since I was 16, I’m now 33. Lately I’ve been battling a severe case of depression. I have steps I follow when I get depressed, and as well as my anti-psychotics I take, I take medications for depression. Yet I’m getting more and more frustrated with the severity of my depression acts and the fact that they seem to be happening more and more frequently. What is the point of life if I’m going to be feeling like this all the time? I know I have promised myself that whenever I feel like this I will wait before I do anything, in fact I refuse to even let myself make a suicidal plan. I do know ways I could do something, but I know I wont. I don’t want to hurt my family and close loved ones by going through with it. And I’m more afraid of it not working than anything else, I know I’d probably be taken to a hospital and I don’t want to be put in hospital again. It’s just so hard dealing with the negative voices in my head constantly telling me I’m worthless, ugly, lazy, fat, stupid…blah blah blah. How do you deal with these voices?

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you are not worthless…that is rubbish.
within everyone there is something beautiful, you are as beautiful as a rainbow you just can’t see it.
we are all going to die, and life seems endless but it is not.
the end comes quite quickly…so going any earlier does not make any sense.
i hope you are feeling better today, know that i care.
take care


CBT has been most helpful for me, m voices were at first a comfort before turning on me. When at my worst I was actively suicidal. It was when my mum told me she’d follow if I died I stopped trying. I vowed I’d stay alive for them, sometimes that makes me very angry but I stick to it.

Have you had any therapy for voices? Medication only did so much for me but I’ve been doing CBT on and off with my nurse and it helps a lot. You can get books on it, the one I use is this:’re+crazy.

You can either challenge the voices, or you can challenge the mindset, if you started believing you we’re worth something, not lazy etc then you wouldn’t listen so much to what they say.

Another thing could be a med alteration? Do you feel your meds are effective? That’s one way, but I think the best way forward from here is to talk to your doctor and see what’s available, it may be they can help you as some psychs can do that.

I’m not telling you what to do just simply thinking what helps me!

Good luck, keep posting it out,
Take care,

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I have this sometimes, negative voices may cause some depression, I like to think happy things and ignore these negative voices.