I am anguished and i feel my brain in my head

I am anguished about my future with this illness. I suffer a lot. physically too. I feel my brain in my head, I dont know if meds will help me…

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Meds do not usually help me
they never really did
so i just stopped eating so the voices just stayed quiet but i don’t suggest you that because it’ll be hard to restart a new cycle of food
you know, i have a tip, idk how old are you tho, but if my voice ever speaks to me, i just put my earphones and faking talking to someone
i don’t know if it helps you (it depends on what it’s saying to you)

I dont have voices.i am just too depressed, anguished, I have physical discomfort, I lack reason sometines and other stuff… I cant fully understand your message, its seems a bit strange to me wow… to stop the food? strange…

Yeah ik always strange
Just when I didn’t eat one day, the voices literally begged my to eat and so I found a weakness in them
But since you have depression or wtv, I can’t really understand i guess
Not that you can…

what i get really dissatisfied with myself I stop eating
it’s not a depression thing it’s something else. not eating helps somehow to focus on what is right in front of me

Me it just helps the voices to shut the hell up

some other opinions? will my anguishes disappear with time? they are so strong that I suffer physically, its not human anymore…

this night, I dont see the hope anymore… I am too suicidal per moments. but I dont do anything. I just sit up here and I suffer. I suffer too much. I cant think well, I suffer instead of feel. were you hopeless at this point? even my pdoc didn’t believed in my recovery… she said it in my back, to my mother…

Perhaps try to find something you’re passionate about and work on that. It could be a musical instrument (it is for me), taking care of an animal (my dog really helps me), discovering a good author you like and reading their books, learning a language…healthy pass times like these help your brain recover and help your mood. Exercise helps too, which for me consists of walking my dog. There’s swimming, cycling, sports. This life has lots to offer, we just have to take advantage of our time here.


I get really lonely, bored, depressed, despondent and sometimes think ‘what’s the f’ing point?’ I even get very physically tired and sore. I am starting college in 2 weeks and I hope that gives me something to focus on. I think it’s important to have something going on in your life so you can focus on something besides your depression. Plus I take meds, of course. Good luck.

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I feel like a half human @47average in fact cause my mom and my sister keeps saying to me that ill be forever alone with this kind of diagnosis… my mother hates my father, she accuses him to lied to her because now ive herited some illness from him. and my sister doesn’t pay attention to me at all… they are real normies… and not supportive ones…

That sucks. I feel for ya. Is there any way you could get out of there sometimes? Volunteer, get a job or go to school? Hopefully your tdoc is cool and you can talk to him/her