Cost of single Utility Bill?

I have a single apartment in England.

I think my supplier has made a mistake.

My account is about -£4.2k in arrears.

I was paying about £100 a month and now they automatically increased my direct debit to £420.

I cancelled the dd for next month and have complained. If they don’t resolve this then I will complain to a national regulatory body and take legal action. Scary thing is these idiots can send debt collectors.

There’s 11 months of payments missing from my account where I hadn’t paid from mid 2021 to mid 2022, however £4200/11 = £382 per month. There’s no way my gas and elec was that much, and this was before the price cap nonsense and before NATO purposely destroyed Russias gas Pipeline.

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How much are your bills per month? I can’t imagine it being so high.

I also have an 1 bed apartment in England.

My electric was fixed for 2 years - from the July before the market went nuts

Due for it to rise in July this year

At the moment I pay £100, but I limit the amount I have heating on etc,


Bought council flat, 1 bed. Im still on an old energy tarriff till the end of may 2023.

Paying 150 a month, which i consider cheap. Ive already made plans for when my bills start to go sky high on a new tariff.

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My electric bill (in U.S…Alaska) runs about $75 per month…I don’t pay heat or water, but my rent is $635, almost half my income, so I don’t have much extra money laying around.

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