Insurance won't pay for medication....confused

My boyfriend and I had the same psychiatrist. I switched to a new one after I couldn’t get ahold of him. The old one and new one through Eastridge are on vacation. I called and left a voicemail with the nurse, she never returned a call. I went to four different ER’s and none of them helped me get medication except Meritus in MD who gave me an Abilify so I could sleep at my dosage, and got a refill for a week until my appointment. And then printed off resources for washington county who accept medicaid. I live in WV though. I don’t have my medicaid card yet, just my print out but I was already on the system. I was followed by a car from Hagerstown to a random house near my house, making random turns. He followed me the whole way. I never accused anyone in the investigation.

My case was closed and my attorney is working on expunging my records. My ex bf is in the mental hospital, I think his mom got power of attorney and she won’t let him talk to me or said he chose to never talk to me again. She told me he was in the mental hospital. Then I was almost committed, to get a refill of abililfy even though my insurance discontinued it, so I took off the wrist band and the cop let me go home because my dad is scared and knows it’s dangerous to be off medication. My diagnosis was paranoid schizophrenia at sixteen. The hospitals were the problem, not my family or anything. I do have schizophrenia but I am coping ok without any medication… they’re trying to say I’m disturbed and suicidal and homicidal even though I never said that. I made a vow to God to never hurt myself five years ago, and I’m a pacifist.

I’m at home taking care of my mom whose psychotic non stop or talks to herself and can’t drive. My dad is working all the time. The police may have made false testimonies in my name or something. IDK. It might have been a cover up because the stuff I supposedly said when I was interviewed before they said I shouldn’t come to the trial was nothing I wrote or a combination of all the witness statements under my name. And then I tried to move out because my mom is annoying, and found out my bf was on drugs, then he overdosed the day I was there to get a couple things I forgot. He overdosed that afternoon and they pulled the plug, and said he died within 5 minutes. I don’t actually know where he went. He was gone for about two hours. Then he came back, went into the bathroom, yelled he was making breakfast for his son and I. Then I went outside. Then I went in and knocked on the bathroom, he had fallen in front of it. I called the ambulance.

I tried to get him not to go, he left in his van, and blocked my car in the driveway all day. They just left me there at his house all day and I was in shock.

Now they won’t even pay for the only medication that worked for 10 years because I’m on medicaid.

Like you Starry I was diagnosed with paranoid sz. So when we aren’t taking our meds we think the world is against us. And we suspect everything is plotting to get us. I think the solution to your problem is to get on the meds again. I take Abilify too. It works good for me. I’m sorry about all the chaos in your life right now. When I don’t get my sleep everything is just worst. Do you have a support system in place that you can turn to to help you get things stabilized in your live. Maybe some one to help you get the insurance straightened out so you can get your meds. Good luck buddy!

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My father eventually paid $200 for 7 of the 30 mg Abilify because the insurance discontinued it. I had just asked to try something different for awhile, not discontinue what I had been on for the past 9 years that worked. Well, the Topomax, each time I took a dose in the evening migraines shot through my head so severe I barely could sleep. Like severe painful migraines through my whole head. I think my mom threw away the vistaril.

I went to the ER and I think they basically wrote the opposite of what I was saying. I’m a pacifist.
Now I have bronchitis so I don’t even have a voice. I was on medication, dude, it was prescribed by my doctor. Vistaril and Topomax for Bipolar 1 and I was taking it, but it wasn’t working. All I was trying to do was get switched back to Abilify but basically was completely ignored…

Ya Starry Abilify works for me too. If I was in your shoes I’d be confused too.That was very nice of your dad to pay for part of it.That’s a bummer about the migraines and bronchitis. I know life can be overwhelming at times but if you can hang in there and keep plugging away and do what you have to do to stay healthy. That would be great. Good luck Starrry!

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I do not think the govt clinic can deny you. Have to go in there and just sit quietly. Throw a fit or even get a little angry, they can do a psych hold pickup warrant for forced mental care. BUT, YOU WILL GET YOUR MEDS IN HOSPITAL AND MEDICAID PROBABLY PAYS FOR IT. NO JOB? MIGHT TRY IT UNLESS YOU ARE CAREGIVER TO SOMEONE.

Let case manager straighten it out for you after you get released from hospital.

Sadly, this has happened to other people and their health insurance through work quit paying for ONLY drug that stopped voices. The worker had to retire & was like 35 years old…

Ok well things have worked out slowly but surely, they signed me up for the wrong medicaid plan. I still have to straighten that out. I selected the WV medicaid they somehow confused it with coventry, the one I didn’t want. Now I have to call maximus. I still haven’t heard back from pharmacy. I’m on 10mgs Abilify now not highest dose, and it was causing my vision to worsen. So I haven’t taken it because the insurance hasn’t approved it and it’s too high of a dose. I’m taking Vistaril and it’s working as an anti-psychotic and helps with anxiety and panic. A second opinion confirmed I definitely have Bipolar1 and not schizophrenia, and GAD.

Keep plugging away Starry! That’s life it seems. That is overcoming obstacles! Good luck!