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can you afford your meds? I am in debt to the pharmacy for over $600. they put me on a payment plan but I also have to come up with monthly pills now which is almost $100 a month. the pharmacy says i have all these copays but the insurance copay says they should be covered after i hit the buy in which is 300 and i have already reached that. i need my meds i get very psychotic with out them but i have bills to pay for too. Im on 18 meds for several dx’s psych and medical. I am going down to dhs this week to fight for xtra help wish me luck.


I am sorry that you are struggling @yoda123 . I have no idea about your financial situation but have you tried applying for medicaid?


When I was psychotic and lost my jobs, I qualified for medicaid.

After getting disability, I qualified for medicare.

Medicare handles most of my expenses. Medicaid handled all.


Sometimes the drug sites have coupons for discounts. They also have apps like goodrx if you live in the us i believe.I dont know where else in the world though. Also some places still offer sample meds and they give that out for free. Good luck.


I have medicaid quimby which is a step down from full medicaid believe it or not they said i make $15 to much to get full medicaid


That does suck. Big time. I have to pay for my own meds as well, I have no drug coverage. However, I’m not struggling anymore like I used to. Wishing you all the best


Abilify generic offbrand for me was only $50 a month. Worth looking into i think… the brand name one is 500

my insurances covers all my meds. no cost to me. though one time i threw out my meds and had to transfer them to a cheaper pharmacy so i could pay cash as the insurance only allows a refill every 30 days. only came out to $9 tho

I pay almost nothing for meds

I pay nothing for my meds. :parrot::parrot::parrot:

The largest part of my med expenses is covered by the Government health insurance. However, not completely free though.

Recently I order drugs online and the price is much better

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At the moment I get my meds from govt hospital outpatients so I pay less than half the price than privately. Amisulpride is the most expensive med I take so it helps a lot to pay discount.

Are you ordering with a prescription from your doctor? I wouldn’t think the cost of legit medication purchases would be that much different online. I’m not sure of the legitimacy of some online purchases and would be wary outside of a reputable company fulfilling your already gotten prescription.

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