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Can't Afford My Meds


I can’t afford all of my meds now that I have to pay 2018 co-pays. I have $300 a month for my family’s medical expenses, and my daughter’s pdoc and therapy visits run $90, plus $25 in pills ($115 total) plus $35 for my husband’s meds, leaving me with $150 for pills and doctor’s. I usually have two doctor’s appointments a month. My pdoc and something else. So $90 for pills. I can’t get my two Saphris prescriptions (2.5 mg pills and 10 mg pills) because each box will cost me $35, and I can’t pay $70 for one type of pill when I take 14 different prescriptions and only have $90 to pay for them all. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared.


switch to an older antipsychotic…my prolixin generic (fluphenazine) costs about five bucks…good luck…


I dont know if you will qualify, but have you tried “Needy Meds”.

Google it amd find what you can on the program.

Can you buy into a perscription drug plan?

If you and family are insured, then read through the policy. maybe there is some type of benifit in there you are unaware of?


Thanks for the suggestions. We do have prescription coverage. $35 for name brand meds, $15 for generic. It adds up quickly. I take meds for hypothyroidism, a blood clotting disorder, a nerve condition, several for intractable migraines, then my psych meds… it’s just a lot. And we don’t generally qualify for anything that is income based. Even still, we spent around $6000 on medical bills last year.


I can only afford certain meds, mostly older antipsychotics. But where I go they refuse to prescribe older antipsychotics. I’m going to discuss it with my doctor. The older ones are my only hope. Otherwise I stay on what I’m on or nothing at all. :frowning:


I’ve switched to haldol because it’s like 8 dollars a month by cash price. I go back and forth between Sam’s club and Walmart to get the best prices also Sam’s Club if you purchase the premium membership you get really good discounts at the pharmacy.


I second Walmart and Sam’s Club. You don’t have to have insurance to enjoy their discounts. With Sam’s Club, you have to have a Plus Membership, but judging by what you pay for meds you’ll still save money.

Also, try websites for prescription coupons. Here is an example of a coupon for Saphris:



If I get a prescription that I think is to expensive then I ask the pharmacist For a cheap equivalent then the pharmacy will have your doctor ok it.


I don’t have a Sam’s club near me. :frowning: I do have WalMart though.

I have tried Haldol, Geodon, Olanzapine, Quetiapine, Fluphenazine, and I don’t know what else. Saphris has been the only thing that’s really done anything of note.

I will have to look into WalMart. I’ll also talk to my pdoc about the prices. I know my dermatologist sent one of my prescriptions through this special pharmacy when my insurance wouldn’t cover it, and I ended up getting it for free. My headache center did the same thing with a migraine med. Maybe she can help???


Yes, talk to your pdoc about samples or discounts or special pharmacies. Many people on psych meds are on limited incomes so their pdocs often know how to save them money. The pdocs don’t want to lose patients because the patients couldn’t afford the meds they were prescribed.


Walmart has a list of 4$ meds You can get a list from the pharmacy. Might be helpful at some point.


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