Cooking pure foods and no gluten

So I am going to try and eat more pure foods in other words no chemicals, and I know exactly what’s in my food @labratmat do you think this is a good or bad idea?


I think it’s a good idea @Twialine
But it may take more preparation to cook up your meals.

But it’s worth it in the end.


Sounds good to me @Twialine.


@Wave yeah I know… But I think it’s for the best and a need to do instead of a want the reason I say this is my diet… Do you think I’m right?


@Wave @eighteyedspy23 right now the peaches taste soooo good! I had one this morning I picked up last night and it was sooooooooooooo good

@eighteyedspy23 thanks for the encouragement… I’m kinda nervous about it


A wholesome diet is important for your health issues.
I think it’s a great idea.

You are right @Twialine

It could also become a hobby of sorts, to follow and cook healthy foods!


@Wave I feel it’s important… I don’t like that sausage and such has so many chemicals and colorings on it… I’ve been reading the labels on a lot of food and it’s crazy to me how many ad ins there are


What foods were you eating that had chemicals in? It is always good to avoid processed foods.

The most important factor is that you avoid gluten as you are a celiac. Concentrate on that most of all. I have the odd yoghurt which is bound to contain some chemicals.

Cooking from scratch is the best to know exactly what foods you are consuming, but sometimes it is easier and quicker to use a microwave rice for example. It depends on how you feel.

Do what it takes to avoid gluten! Good luck! :slight_smile:


@labratmat like some sausage I think has chemicals

My mom says I won’t do it… she never believes in me

I’ve had more self esteem lately and wore a nice dress and she said you look good now if only we could get rid of this and patted my belly… I wanted to cry… I was feeling so good about myself and she knocked me lower than low


This mother/daughter relationship needs some work! A critical mother is quite common.

Concentrate on doing the best you can! Going all in on a diet and telling everyone about it puts yourself under a lot of pressure. It is better to take baby steps that are achievable and sustainable.

If your mother says that you can’t do it, then say that you are going to do the best you can, how about some encouragement?

The thing is that your food is controlled by celiac disease now and it is a major consideration as eating is a big part of everyone’s life. Explain this to your mum and say that you need help and encouragement to control it, not dismissal and the opposite.

You are right sausages are a processed food. I only have 2 once a month, so moderation is key for me, rather than saying none at all. This works for me, as treating myself is essential given my overall diet.


@labratmat my mom won’t listen she never really does… She’s one of those one people that like to hear their own voice…

I know I have to get off gluten it’s my main goal and get healthy…

I’m trying not to let what mom said to me get me down… I think I look good and although I want my mom to be proud of me and think I look good I’m not sure if I’ll ever get that from her…


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