Controlling parents

I am 25 years old. My parents found out I smoked weed, so they made me quit my job. Now I have to stay home, and stay bored. They won’t let me move out either. Has anyone had to to deal with this?


You are an adult, you can be employed, you can move out too if you want. Weed is not recommended though.


I have had to deal with green plants, losing my job, staying home and being bored. But I stayed living at home with parents too long and they were quite glad when I left. I would now happily quit my job and go to live with them again, but that can’t happen for the time being, perhaps when they are older and can’t care for themselves so much.

I left home the night of my high school graduation. I was 18. There was nothing my dad could do about it.

Also I agree with nicehat to stay away from weed, because it might not seem bad, but could be a gateway drug. I’m guessing most people feel the same, especially your parents in this case.

How do you feel about this?

Has weed been a gateway drug for anyone else?

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Before I became mentally ill, my parents had their ideas of what mentally ill meant.


Hey man, hope things work out for you. I wouldn’t listen to them, my dad tried pulling that stuff when I tried to move out while I worked construction and he said he wouldn’t let me. I hated living with him though he was just an ■■■■■■■ sometimes.

Yea @Jayster, I remember my dad telling jokes about mental illness. He was an Air Force Dr. During Vietnam and used to do psychological screening for the troops that were re entering the US.
Mental illness made me uncomfortable as a kid.

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At least you’re not forced to live on the streets or in your car like me. My parents have always been controlling but it wasn’t because they loved me. Maybe they are just afraid that you are going to get fired if you get drug tested and they don’t want you to ruin your career. Anyway, if you want to smoke marijuana and work maybe you should work in food and beverage.

Ive gone from weed to harder drugs (like alcohol)

but I know people who went straight to alcohol…and then went on to even harder drugs than alcohol!

I also know people who went straight to heroin

weed is not a gateway drug anymore than sugar is a gateway to candy

its scientifically proven to have no chemical properties that make you try harder drugs

“addicts gonna be addicts” is what my friend would always say

don’t blame the weed, its the individual, no such thing as a “gateway drug”

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I left home the as soon as I could, I hated it there and wanted noting to do with it, been years since I talked to any of my family, That being said, you are a adult and can do what you want, My guess is your parents care for you a lot, so you have to measure if you are better off on your own or at home. Burning the family bridge could effect you for life and your well being, at the same time you have to live your own life, only you can decide what your going to put up with.

Why did they make you quit your job? I didn’t see the connection between smoking weed and not letting you work. Is it meant as a punishment or something else? Because most parents would like tneir kids to work. I could kind of understand if they were somehow looking at you being employed as a privilege they bestowed on you, and so that not letting you work is a punishment.

We don’t have enough details to give you advice or to answer properly. There is probably other factors involved in your situation.

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Yeah you’re right. Plus I work with kids so it’s best to stay sober

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My gosh why are you living in your car ?

Was out of the family home and into my own by 25.

Just make sure you have your life together when you finally are able to move out. I had to come back to living with my mom.