Do they have a reason to be upset?

My parents are old school, they are fairly conservative in their views. I, as a person with sz, consume marijuana. Most of the mj I take is of the cbd variety (usually a thc-cbd mix) and produces a slight high. My parents flip out! My mom begins with sad and anger and my dad flies completely off the ■■■■■■■ handle and is on the verge of strangling me. I know my parents want me to be clean and sober, but my argument is that my brain is already mixed up, what difference is there if I get high every now and again? Am I wrong in this assuming I am right in this? Is there validity to their anger? FYI, I live with them and every time I tell them that this wouldn’t be a problem if I moved, they talk me out of it. I also work.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

I thought you were quitting mj…

I’m new school and I used to smoke a lot of pot, now I just think it’s irresponsible with a brain disease to add fuel to the fire, but that’s my opinion, each one their own I guess.

I think your parents just worry about you.


I’m trying, my parents have mentioned an addiction retreat. I’ve 12-stepped the sh*t out of it, done both inpatient and outpatient treatment (yes, I have gone inpatient three times because of pot. POT!). I see a therapist on a weekly basis; I feel I’ve put in a ton of work and all I have to show are a few brief periods of sobriety.

Thanks, they do worry. They don’t want me to sacrifice my job and my sanity. I see all that but yet there is a void in my life that only mj can fill; I’m desperate to quit, but don’t think I can.

I get that, mj was the hardest drug for me to quit. I was so used to it, sobriety felt like something was missing. But the truth is that void you speak of, it’s just a temporary thing, it passes with time. You find that the pros of quitting outweight the cons, and being sober and taking care of the mind’s health is a priority. In fact that’s the thing that most matters with this illness.

I also thing that this thing we feel it’s the need to feel normal again, like we did before the onset of the illness. Once I accepted I have a brain disorder and need to take good care of my mental health things got easier. For me it was the biggest step towards recovery.

I understand you, you dedicated a lot of your life to mj, not consuming it doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the medical research on it. Or still believe in its abilities. But your health should come first I think.

yes, sobriety is missing fun. My fun storage is so backed up, I gave a hefty dose of amusement to my friend tonight after we both took a small amount of cbd weed. I felt normal tonight… like you said, this search for normalcy. Maybe that is the void, being able to connect with people without going ape crazy. I hate to say this, but right now, the pros outweigh the consequences. I’ll figure it out later.

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I smoke as well. In fact I started back recently. I do understand the void you speak of. On the other hand, Zyprexa also fills a void in my life. But I do need weed to see things differently, interestingly. Too much of it though takes the interesting part out of it.

Marijuana trigger psychosis. Quit it

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To be honest, that doesn’t sound like a sound argument.

Regardless of the effect weed has on you, your parents are going to see every failing as a result of the weed.

cbdpush, your parents are upset because they love you and know that mj contributes to psychosis.

Until you quit, maybe a way to ease their fears is to function well on a day to day basis and get along with them politely. Also, do not spend time around them when you are high; wash yourself and your clothes to get rid of the smell so they don’t have to be confronted by a loved child choosing something that they perceive is harming you. Always be honest if they ask about it, but don’t bring it up unless you can give them the true news that you have quit or to ask for support in quitting.

I personally hope you stop for real for your own reasons.

That’s an overgeneralization. Cannabis triggers psychosis for some people. I have schizophrenia and it has not triggered psychosis for me even once during the 10 years I’ve smoked it. (Transient closed-eye visuals and moderate paranoia from overdosing does not count as psychosis in my opinion.)

But I do think that it’s best to smoke and drink as little as you can manage.


Does weed affect you in an any bad ways? If you say “yes” than you should obviously quit smoking it. I agree with Malvok. Your argument that your brain is already mixed up is not sound one. It’s like having diabetes and saying,“Oh, I think all eat all these donuts because my blood sugar is messed up anyway.” The simple, clear point is that, yes, your brain is messed up, but why make it worse? It’s like trying to put out an oven fire with gasoline. That’s why I asked you if there’s any negative effects. I can completely understand your parents point of view and I think you can too. I think most parents would side with your parents in this argument. I hope you don’t my opinion personally. It’s just how I see the situation.

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doing drugs is stupid…just my opinion. :blush:
but it is your life. :city_sunset:
take care :alien:

p.s i say that because i have done hash, ecstasy, cocaine ( shot up)…it was all ■■■■■■■■ .
i drank heavily…( drowning my sorrows in liquid does not work either !?! ).


My name is Eugene, and I am dually diagnosed.
Thank you for your concerns and thoughtful advice. I feel moved to quit, but it is hard for me. I’m not a teenager but feel like I’m still having adolescent problems. Sz does a lot of things well (for lack of a better word), for me it has stunted emotional growth/ development. Fun is more important to me than family and stability. I am glad that my parents are still in my life, and for this forum otherwise I’d probably be on the streets somewhere.

I’m holding my parents hostage with my drug use. Complete narcissism. I’ve become numb to the sadness and anger. I feel completely lost at times and when I do, I turn to pot. Think it stems from too much isolation, too much anxiety, and a prognosis that moves so slowly that I just want it fixed now. Mj speeds this process along and I experience (possibly a delusion) a breakthrough where I can talk, have sound emotions, and connect with others. This is the appeal and ugliness all balled into one. I burnt my mj rec letter recently but still found ways to get high. Such an addict am I