I just want to work

That’s all I want to do. I got moved on to an in-person interview. The problem is I’m going to fail the drug test.

Stop the drugs. Dahh… No 28 years man who smokes weed will achieve anything


Don’t get high anymore and you should be able to get a job next month

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Quitting weed will improve your quality of life. I regret smoking the stuff. Does it not affect your sz?

How does the weed not effect your sz?
When I smoke its kingdom come x infinity, and takes upwards to like 2-7 months to come back to any type of lucid mind.


I was the same as @ChrisJack . Made a mess out of me. Age 16 to 18 smoking it was just a write off.

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I heard that weed makes you paranoid

It does not affect my sz at all. I’ve accomplished a lot while high. I have a Bachelor’s and one class away from a Master’s. Also have worked plenty of good jobs. It has a different effect for everyone.

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keep smoking and you’ll fail the drug test lol

You must be very intelligent then.

Pretty stupid actually…

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If you can manage a Masters degree while high then you’re not stupid.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good… I actually dropped out of high school in ninth grade and done a lot of other stupid things.

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That’s great you want to work. Lots can’t or wont.

I achieved quite a bit while a pothead. My second year of grad school I was growing my own, smoking up to 5 or 6 times/day, and I finished my master’s in biology with a 3.63 gpa, and now I teach for a living. So yeah, I wouldn’t say adult pot smokers never achieve anything; this is a ridiculous, condescending remark.

That’s a problem to… I know two on the sz spectrum who look perfectly capable of work… They function but are on disability

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Omg, you wanna start a fight? You want a piece of me? Let’s go right now (rips shirt off)
Lol… I’m kidding.

That’s good for you man. You’re one of a few kind dude.

I know tens of heavy weed smokers who don’t have a job/keep switching jobs/live off parents etc.
None is successful, non will ever be if they don’t stop

I think you don’t reveal everything. I was a pot head two my 11 and 12 grade and still I was one of only 5 people in my class who took they’re finals (high school) but I quit a couple of months before. And on the biology exam I smoked spice big time, and I mean it. Idk why… but anyway I pass it.

I could say that I was a successful pothead to

But I’m sure even if you got stoned into class you can’t get stoned into work. And that’s real life

Lol you’re a funny guy sometimes, @anon92220549, even when you’re not trying to be :rofl:.

My point was that I have accomplished more as a pot smoker than you will ever achieve as non-smoker.

You picked this fight with your condescending remark, not me.

Dude, take your meds. You’re delusional.
Im 22. You don’t know who the hell I am or what I will accomplish

I am still keeping in civile, and FYI I am joking all the time, you’re lucky today as I am trying a new thing. And I used to read your comments… They not much. You’re one of the say anything thread type of guy

You’re parents should have raised you better

As I said, you’re a funny guy :rofl:.

You’re not in a position to condescend to anyone.