Sometimes i think

I think that my mom wishes I was more like my brother and dad. They both are mentally ill and neither takes meds for it. My dad is a bit more obviously unstable but my brother supposedly isn’t. I know I shouldn’t go off meds don’t worry I’m not.

I’m sorry your in that situation… I couldn’t imagine trying to get through this with out my parents support.

I’m not sure why family would want us to be off meds if we’re doing well on them.

Congratulations for staying strong…

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Hey… I think sometimes too!

You said your dad smokes the green. I’m off meds but I know I couldn’t handle that ■■■■.

Without meds it’s a different battle. More about life management to control stress and keep the mind clear.

Both my dad and brother smoke pot, I wish they didn’t though. They become paranoid after smoking it. My brother has punched our dad while they were high. I think my mom wishes I was normal.

Man, after being a daily smoker since I was able to get my hands on the stuff. Then finally getting away from it and looking back. That drug is a waste of time and a really bad choice. I was having fun for most of the time I was a smoker and life without it is a little more dull, but I also feel in charge of myself.

I for one am never going back to drugs. Alcohol is alright.