Contemplating suicide

I am getting kicked out of my group home end of july and avenue living owns every apartment in this city . dont feel like going back to the homeless shelter. Got no family that will help me. Subsody will take roughly a year to get on. I dont know what to do. I strongly believe in karma tho my landlord will get some karma for giving me the boot

Is there a stabilization unit you can go to… Or is that what you mean by group home. Btw they have to ask at a stabilization unit where you are going… If you tell them all you have is the street then their liable to find you something better. Here our stabilization unit is also the detox unit. So some people are required by law to be there for a month… Meanwhile they say you can only stay in crisis bed for a week. Of course that’s just bs to keep costs down, luckily I always got to go back to my parents. Before you do anything drastic… Become a real pain in the ass to healthcare professionals. They won’t be able to ignore you.

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If you’re in California and receive disability, look into independent living facilities or assisted living facilities.

Dude i feel u man. My parents help me but i can never live with them. I am afraid i will get kicked out my govt assisted apt. due to bed bugs. I cant tolerate going to stoopid groups in a group home during the day, that is just like a mental hospital. Smh until they kill me

Do you have a case worker or a therapist or a psychiatrist who can help you? My therapist told me about a great place to live. I had to be on a waiting list for four years but once I moved in I stayed there for 6 years. But therapists do things like that. They know about getting immediate emergency housing too. When I got asked to leave from the house where I was renting a room, the clinic gave me a two page list of group homes or boarding houses and other types of housing that didn’t fall into any category.