When they kill me

Play a song by flyleaf called fully alive.

That’s a good song! but why are you making funeral plans??

Neighbor crap. Its fine I tried to get help.I may have to live in a group home so…,

Well at least you’ll be away from them right?

           Not going to hospital that won't help a crisis center that can careless and for whatever reason they don't want me in depaul
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Doesn’t matter can’t afford group home. Much less relief

A crisis center that could care less and a place they have discriminated me toward.

Maybe now its not good for you to live in an apartment,. It may be driving you crazy. Possibly a group home may be a good option until you can calm down and recover a little and feel safer and then move back into an apartment.

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I can’t leave my bf with rent and bills. Imscrewed either way. So and it would go on my credit .I can’t explain anymore. Maybe I need to be a hermit.

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Or six feet under how about that

I guess I would say to use every resource at your disposal. Trust what people you know say about your neighbor situation. Maybe if you solve the neighbor problem you can relax and get better.

@77nick77 In your experience, how noisy are group homes compared to an apartment? I’m wondering whether more noise and more closely packed people might exacerbate @roxanna’s symptoms?

@roxanna. Have you let your pdoc know how you’re feeling so they can try adjusting your meds?

I’m going back DEC 14th to ask for an adjustment to possibly raise abilify back up and get back on lexapro.

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That’s good. Is there any chance you could get in sooner? Maybe ask them to contact you if there are any cancellations.

I’ve got to call my caseworker about lexapro issue.doubt my doc will respond.

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Group homes can be annoying all right. But no one was talking or making noises through the wall. The thing is that everybody in them has problems and everybody knows you are all kind of in the same boat. Every home is different though with different people. No one had it in for me at mine, people left me alone. It’s a tough call. I spent 1990-95 in one and it was one of the most productive times in my life. The group home was less pressure than living in my studio.


I have obligatiobs on the outside.my guess is i be in one in my forties.ive dreamt