Connecting to my past and think less often of my illness

I am doing well,should I connect to people from my past,Eg:Ex-school mate,My nanny and Tuition Teacher.They are people from my past,I have a considerably not a very good childhood to adulthood,and things get worst when I was diagnosed with schizo and put on meds.On November 2013,I started Mirtazapine and things start to look brighter but then go down hill again but less often.April 2015,I started going to meetup,which is a website to connect to people,I started to have hope and starting to be more sociable then I used to be,I am happy and feel more hopeful in life.

Now through social networking,I tried to connect with two of my closest classmate and friends,the result is good,nothing too awkward.

I now had three life goals in mind and had some routine and way to keep going towards these goals,hopefully I will less pioritize my illness and live life!

That is actually a very hard question… I could see you trying to connect to your old nanny… you were very close to her… and a check in to let her know she was important to you and that you’re Ok now isn’t a bad thing.

But it’s hard to put some of my past in to the present frame… I’m not the person I was… some of them have become vastly different people as well. The times I’ve tried it… it’s worked out.

It’s sort of scary… because I have to face my past to connect with past friends…

As long as the past friends were positive and supportive… and added something helpful to your life… I think it might be cool to get back with some of your past friends.

Good luck and I hope all goes well.

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