Connecting the Dots In a Good Way

I’m simply blown away by all of the creative suggestions for the new Mobile App…

I think as schizophrenics, we will often connect dots that aren’t readily obvious to your average shmoe, and coupled with our paranoia, it can lead to disaster.

But randomly connecting dots ‘for a sense of purpose’ can be a wonderfully satisfying adventure.

I think that is our gift…the ability to make connections others can’t relate to. And when applied to a positive endeavour, the results can be marvelous.

Good on all of ya! :sunny:

(My 2 cents)


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Yeah…I’m med free. I see my Doc in 10 days. I’ve leveled off.

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‘severe’ doesn’t even begin to describe it…

Our neighbor in our building last year bought a dog. He named the dog Newman. I thought he chose that name because it meant I wasn’t a ‘dog of a person’ anymore…that I was becoming a ‘New Man’.

I actually believed that. Just one of hundreds of delusions of reference I’ve had over the years.

You, too, for your creative suggestions.

I was thinking for awhile is “Opus” an “Optus”…

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I was addicted to listening to the Radio in my town…

I thought I had become a world-wide spectacle (joke) and that each radio station was competing to have me come down to their station and tell my story. I felt I was the lynch pin in the battle of today’s younger music versus yesterday’s songs.

I finally chose ‘The Oldies’ radio station in our town. I wrote a letter and handed it in to the Oldies Station producer believing he would read it to the world. When I got home their was a piece on the TV News of old people happily dancing in a retirement residence. It confirmed in my mind that I had made the right choice. I also got into a car chase with some teenagers on the highway going home. I thought they were mad at me for choosing the old songs over today’s music.

(Sorry if I’m rambling, but this is all starting to come back to me now that I’m off of my meds).

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Look like med is a must for you and me… I cannot perform without med…

Are you sure you can sustain for another 10 days?

I think this forum will be my ‘outlet therapy’ for the next week or so. I believe I can hang on. Thanks for asking. :sunny:

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In my 3rd psychosis I felt I was ‘The One’…that the world was a giant Matrix, and I was being chosen to unite mankind through my humour and music.

I thought boxing legend Muhammad Ali was going to pick me up in a Cab and fly me to Europe to address the United Nations. Ali is black and I’m white. I felt the 2 races were becoming one…in a sign of unity and peace.

I felt it was my duty to make millions of people around the Globe to laugh and sing. I was completely ‘At One’ with the world.

I felt God had chosen an insignificant, nondescript $hit joke artist like myself to lift the world on my shoulders, to bring out the best in every human being on the Planet.

I refused to sign my name on anything. The only thing I signed was a book I bought at The Dollar Store and donated to the Salvation Army. I thought that 50 cent mag would be worth a billion dollars after I died, and the money would go to the poor, the meek and the starving.

I think they call that “remote association”, and it is associated with creativity.

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What I meant to say was…

“that is our gift…the ability to make connections that others don’t immediately grasp”

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