The place where I live, the psychiatrists and psy nurses reject the idea that there are cognitive deficits associated with sz. They say there is nothing like this. You still have working abilities and you need to work full time. My pdoc and the social worker said they are gate keeper for the government to ensure that i wont get social benefits. They don’t believe u need more sleep because of the disorder either. What they do with people who live in the hostel, they don’t let them sleep long. Keep waking them up with annoying ways. So they put the same set of expectations on u. And they discriminate u strongly at the same time, trying to prevent u to work alongside with them.

My nurse has an advice to me, my family would accept me more if I could hold a good job with a stable income. Obviously I cannot look up to that. I just can’t.

Mom says let it be. Just work part time. But I don’t know what will happen in ten years. I will find it even harder to get a job. Mom will be retired by then.

With the present wage, I feel like I’m doing volunteer work. It could not cover meals and bus fares at the same time. It’s a half time job already.

I’m on disability for schizophrenia, it wuz ez too. I didn’t even have to do anything. I’m glad cuz I see the cognition problems. Schizophrenia is ■■■■■■ up man, it shouldn’t even exist. Best wishes