Diagnosis Disagreement

I just got off the phone with an aunt. She doesn’t think I’m schizophrenic. She made a lot of sense. I’m thinking about it and if she’s right and this is a trauma response I shouldn’t be on the medication I’m on. I’m worried it’s poisoning me now; like if I don’t need it shouldn’t take it. It took me three weeks of In patient to get help; after attempts of getting help in the past never worked. Now I’m confused. To take the meds or not? :weary: Everything is confusing.
I haven’t shared my mental health struggle with many. I got told I’m too high functioning to be schizophrenic. I work; I lead; I parent; I talk; I drive; I study…it doesn’t make sense.

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Is your aunt a psychiatrist?


I agree with everhopeful. You need to listen to your pdoc over your aunt.

You can be high functioning as sza or sz. I hope to join the ranks of those with a full-time job soon (I’m currently job hunting) and I am considered high functioning, but it’s all down to the meds. Without Zyprexa I am too paranoid to leave the house and convinced I am being watched and recorded all the time. With it, I can drive, work, and be a better wife.

Please don’t stop taking your meds. You said yourself that it took a lot to get help. Trust in the knowledge of those who helped you - and keep taking the meds. You’re fortunate to be high functioning, and you have lots of company. The meds will only make things better for you.

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I worked most of my life, I lead, I parent, I drive, I’ve studied, I went unmedicated most of my life and yet I have been living with schizoaffective disorder bipolar type since I was young. If you need meds take them, If they aren’t working, find better meds. Don’t get hung up on the label, it’s a bad road to go down.

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Don’t stop taking your meds!
Listen to your psychiatrist instead.

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I do all those things too and without my meds I am cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

What are your symptoms?

psychosis requires medical intervention, regardless of whether it’s trauma-induced or not. Once you’ve been symptom free for over a year, you can talk with your pdoc about whether you think your condition is permanent or transient. But until then, you need the meds. Psychosis causes measurable, physical brain damage. My recent MRI showed a significant loss of gray matter, which is a known side effect of psychosis. That was enough to convince me to stay on meds for life.


Schizophrenics can be dumb, or super genius’. They can be mildly delusion, or totally not in reality. They can work, study, drive, parent, lead, and talk just like anyone. Maybe don’t diss schizophrenics on a schizophrenic forum.

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It’s really not dissing. Just because some schizophrenics are high functioning doesn’t mean all of them are. And of course, there’s a difference between being high functioning with few responsibilities and stressors, and being high functioning in the “real” world. It’s not meant to offend anyone, I don’t think. It sucks. A lot. But it’s also reality.


Well that definitely suggests you’re experiencing some paranoia.


I know it wasn’t meant to offend -thats the problem, people don’t think the phrasing “im too high functioning to be schizophrenic because i parent, drive, etc” is offensive. It is. I honestly barely care enough to reply, but it is offensive and people need to watch what they say because we’re not sub human.


I suppose you have a point. I see how that can be offensive.

That’s the problem. That’s what I’ve been told now numerous times. I don’t understand how my ability to function matters. I do what I need to but no one knows (unless there going through it) the tremendous amount of effort it takes to get through a day. To see what Insee and hear what I hear and just push through. To try and be in control as the devils and demons try to force me into a corner and take over every aspect of my life.
I don’t understand, I’m troubling to process how it matters. Ive finally started to come to terms with everything and then a trusted family member tells me I’m wrong and sends me into a spiral. Thank God for my husband who convinced me to just try to the medication, tricked is a more appropriate word but he’s there for me. I’m now struggling with what the implications would be if I were misdiagnosed. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t but it all seems like it could be some kind of farce. Something meant to make me into something I’m not and pull me into some other sort of state or reality.

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I have visual and audio hallucinations. According to my doctor I experience delusions (we’ve agreed to disagree on that one, personally I think she may be a little delusional to say there’s no such thing as a sixth sense or God but…ya know). I need lists to get through my day. I write down what I need and what I experience and it’s like a guide on how to handle life. My therapist and husband help me get things set up so I am able to do everything I need to do.

It’s not meant as a diss. It what was said to me and I’m trying to process. I’m confused on which person is right, who’s the truth and the real and who isn’t.

Sorry i misunderstood. I do sympathize with your situation. My mother told me I wasn’t schizophrenic and said “i really hope you dont take the medication, its poison you know”.

Im like 99% sure my mother is schizophrenic (a voice of an angel told her what to name me, and she hallucinated an octopus on her wall that entangled her, which represented a demon).

Anyway, the thing im trying to say is that people, especially family, dont know what they are talking about. I wouldn’t even talk to your aunt because its interfering with your recovery. (When my mother told me the above i hung up on her and havent called her in over 2 years).

Sounds like you are trucking on, but still are suffering. You have schizophrenia. Take the medication, its not poison.

Im sorry you’re feeling confused, just remember that believing nothing is wrong with you despite professionals telling you you have sz is textbook schizophrenia. Its basically the defining feature.


It’s just so hard. I’m tired everyday. It’s like everything is difficult and I don’t want to see the things anymore. I have a new psychologist. She’s very intelligent and we’re working on meds. I might call my therapist Monday for a little extra assistance until I get through this

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If you are still hallucinating you haven’t found the right meds yet and you need to keep working with your doctor.

You are more than likely schizophrenic with those symptoms. I have a hard time with delusions too. Unfortunately meds don’t really help with what we believe or perceive. They can stop hallucinations though. Mine work pretty well. I hallucinate crazy complicated stuff when off meds. Visual and audio too.

Trauma is 1 factor that can contribute to schizophrenia, the 2 are not mutually exclusive. The meds have side effects sure, are they helping with the symptoms tho?

Some what. I’m trying to find the right mix. I hear and see less but it’s all still here. I’m in control which is better. I had bad psychosis about a month ago and the voices had control of me. I’m the boss (well 99% of the time) even though my toddler disagrees :joy: